7 Reasons You Yourself Are Your Worst Enemy

7 Reasons You Yourself Are Your Worst Enemy

7 Reasons You Yourself Are Your Worst Enemy

Numerous times in your life, you might have felt aggrieved at your apparent inability to match the achievements of your peers, co-workers, and competitors. You also must have harped your blames to almost everybody who ever seemed to obstruct your path to success; yet even after repeated debacles, haven’t you ever realized that the chief cause of all these bereavements lies solely in yourself, your vanity, and your wrong decisions? Below are 7 reasons why you yourself are your worst enemy

1. You Eet High Goals Without Consideration

you eet high goals without consideration

Every person is bound by certain limitations, crossing which merely leads to greater complexities and malaises. So, if you set for yourself extremely high objectives out of petty jealousy, that is the cause of much of your sorrows and depressions because you won’t be able to achieve such high goals however hard you strive. Being too severe on oneself merely erodes the probabilities of success.

2. You Indulge In Gossipy Comparison

you indulge in gossipy comparison

You would surely feel humbled and reduced in stature after beholding the qualities and achievements of others. So be it. Every body is not born to do the same kind of things. If others have achieved something, that’s because they have worked hard on it, while you are merely indulging in the blame game. Blaming others does not lead to success or prosperity.

3. You Practice Continuous Self-Skepticism

you practice continuous self skepticism

Too much doubting your own personal worth simply corrodes your confidence level and gradually reduces it until you begin to feel insecure every time some task is entrusted to you. Self-doubt is necessary in many situations for rectifying mistakes, but it becomes a pervasive obsession if you doubt your own ability and worth almost every time.

4. You Perpetually Rest On Your Oars

you perpetually rest on your oars

Without constant exertions on your part and merely remaining content on your past achievements lessens to a large degree, your future potentials for success. This tends to make you slothful and even contemptuous of all kinds of improvisations and innovations. You also begin to disdain any other kind of task outside your routine work. So, at some new challenge, you simply get dumbfounded at your miserable failure and pass on the blame to others for satiating your overblown vanity.

5. You Make Bad Excuses

you make bad excuses

That’s how you lose valuable and precious opportunities, which seldom would recur to you. Such excuses are downright shallow and merely tend to guise your own apathy for hard work.

6. You Take Hasty Decisions

you take hasty decisions

When you take any important decision out of emotional fervor and without any rational preconditions, such decisions merely bring in more disaster. So, without rational choices, failure is always at your gates, whether or not you are aware of it.

7. You Depend On Others

you depend on others

You may have trustworthy friends to turn to but always reposing excessive degree of trust and confidence in others proves to be quite detrimental to your own interests. It should always be ascertained whether a person can be trusted with confidential information or not.

e realized by now that this constant

So, you must have realized by now that this constant affliction of reverse largely lies due on your own shortcomings and not on somebody else’s. Thus, start respecting yourself as a person, accept your shortcomings and gradually work on overcoming them without letting them make you feel inferior.