10 Solid Reasons To Hate The Rat Race

10 Solid Reasons To Hate The Rat Race

10 Solid Reasons To Hate The Rat Race

In modern times, the endless pursuit of success has led to the ruining of innumerable lives. There always must be some balance between work and leisure, otherwise, a predominance of either will lead to apathy. Below are 10 Solid reasons to hate the rat race.

1. Well, it is simply awful.

well, it is simply awful

After a stint in the rat race, you would surely begin to despise everything around you and also the very things you work on for endless hours. You would be yearning to seek release from this overwhelming burden.

2. It’s spoiling your life

 its spoiling your life

Rendering your life merely to a set of fixed routines simply turns you into a working machine, leaving nothing for your emotional well-being. This constant dread schedule becomes the main root cause of your lack of leisure.

3. Control of other people over your life

 control of other people over your life

Your boss in office simply holds the reins of your professional being and can do whatever he or she likes with your career, however honest, sincere, steady, and hardworking you might possibly be.

4. No enhancement in productivity, merely more burden

no enhancement in productivity, merely more burden

By taking on more and more, your productivity reaches an absolute rock bottom. Only the burden of work remains and which now seems so distasteful. So, what is the point of taking further more tasks that would surely lead you to nowhere?

5. Absence of joy

absence of joy

Your monotonous routine gradually wears you down. You cannot experience those joyful moments which you did when you were still carefree and had more freedom to indulge in things that had fascinated you. Now, for the sake of your work, you have to abandon joy and merriment.

6. Inability to fulfill your passions

inability to fulfill your passions

The more you work, the more work would be entrusted to you, leaving little space and time for you to pursue your passions, simply because there’s always some more work and tasks to be done. You cease to be your own self anymore.

7. You are getting sick

you are getting sick

Yes. Constant work and no joy leave you with various physical and mental disorders which can afflict you for the rest of your life unless you alter your vicious monotonous routine. Your work makes you ill instead of making you feel happy.

8. Growing feeling of discontent and frustration

growing feeling of discontent and frustration

Your fabulous career record merely leaves you in a state of disconsolate dejection because of the desires which could not be fulfilled due to the huge burden of your work. You might get frustrated of remaining a hireling for so long in your life.

9. Purposelessness


For what result have you suffered for so long? For a suitable retirement benefit? Did you ever think of what you shall do with your broken self after cessation from work?

10. Work sets the tones of life

work sets the tones of life

Your personal self gets eclipsed by your professional identity. You get to be known by the work you do rather than the type of person you are, which is quite traumatic.

 superb and healthy life

So try to move your precious self out of this vicious rat race for a superb and healthy life.