How to Deal with Different Situations

Imagine If..

  • 1. Do you ever have the thought that if only you'd started a year ago (or ten!) that right now you'd be exactly where you dream of? Just imagine! -
  • 2. If you'd written for an hour each morning, 5 days a week ...
  • 3. If you'd gone to the gym every day ...
  • 4. If you'd sat down, shut up and figured out how to do SOMETHING to move your business forward for just 30 short minutes each evening ...
  • 5. If you'd made a plan - a big-ass crazy dreaming kind of plan! - for your year, then your months, then your weeks and then your days and then strategically gone out and implemented that plan ...
  • 6. Even when you didn't feel like it.
  • 7. Even when you didn't know what step to take next (or first).
  • 8. Even when it wasn't working.
  • 9. Imagine if you just. Kept. Going.
  • 10. Imagine if, on the days when you felt frustrated, anxious, and so damn busy and already behind, you thought "stuff it", and you decided to go and write anyway, create anyway, do your most important work anyway. Clock on, clock off. Push through, even if what you were pushing through was absolute pain, drivel, and you knew you'd never put it out into the world.
  • 11. Imagine if, when you just shut up and got to work anyway, day in and day out, that clunky, awkward, sometimes damn ugly stuff you were creating sometimes surprised you and was awesome.
  • 12. Imagine if those occasional spouts of genius became more frequent, not because you'd become more genius on a skillset level but simply because putting the work in and being consistent and PRACTICE actually does MAKE you more genius.
  • 13. Imagine if one day you woke up, and realised, that simply by virtue of doing that hour, day in and day out, you'd actually, y'know ... finished stuff. Written the book. Made the program. Brought your gifts to the world.
  • 14. Imagine if, every night, even when you were EXHAUSTED and so damn NOT interested in logging on and figuring out that tech problem, trialing that new marketing approach, learning about Facebook ads, you grit your teeth, stopped being such a princess, and sucked it up anyway.
  • 15. What do you think you could have learnt, implemented, moved forward with in the past year?
  • 16. What do you think you could have created, sent out in to the world, sold?
  • 17. Imagine if you had a rule. A simple day rule that you HAD to move your body for at least 20 minutes. A short workuot or class at the gym. Some bodyweight stuff in your lounge. A brisk walk. Something.
  • 18. Do you think you might be fitter, lighter, more energised right now?
  • 19. Imagine if you'd sat down a year ago and made a plan. A big-ass crazy dreamer kind of plan. Written your 'perfect day vision' for where you want to be in your life 5 years from now. Been damn HONEST about the terrifying awesomeness of what you ACTUALLY want, not what you think you should aim for. Written about it as if it were already TRUE. Destined to happen.
  • 20. Imagine if you'd then worked back from there.
  • "If I want to be a NYT best-selling author, own and run one of the top 5 print magazines in the world for women entrepreneurs, run a world-acclaimed coaching institute, speak alongside my greatest mentors and idols, what would I have to do in the next 12 months to move forward on that? The next 6 months? The next 1 month? This week? Today?"
  • 21. And imagine if you then prioritised. Reached out. FIGURED it out. Every day starting THIS day, so that you could go to bed each night starting THIS night certain in the knowledge that by God was it tough at times but by God yes you ARE giving it your all.
  • 22. Imagine if when things didn't work as you'd hoped - or sometimes at all! - that you didn't take this as a sign of failure, or hopelessness or as a sign of anything, really, except that you had to get back into the fray.
  • 23. And imagine if you DID get back into the fray.
  • 24. Bloodied, bruised, humbled, hurt, whatever.
  • 25. Imagine if every time you fell, you got back up again. STRONGER for it, and more determined.
  • 26. Imagine if instead of thinking that your failures mean there's something wrong with you, that you're doing things wrong and destined to never reach your dreams, you KNEW that this would one day be part of your "how I got here" story. And you chose to actually draw STRENGTH from the pain, to become tougher, more determined and also of greater FAITH as a result.
  • 27. Imagine if it were one year from now ...
  • 28. And you were looking back ...
  • 29. And you were thinking thank god I started. Man, I wish I started sooner, but thank god I started a year ago ...
  • 30. Look at what I've done ...
  • 31. Look at what I've created ...
  • 32. Look at what I've OVERCOME ...
  • 33. I faced the fear ...
  • 34. I stared into the eye of the beast ...
  • 35. I figured stuff OUT ...
  • 36. I did what I had to do, and now I get to live like this?! So. Damn. Awesome.
  • 37.Imagine if it were one year from now.
  • 38. And you'd started today.
  • 39. What could you achieve?
  • 40. And what would you do next?
  • 41. Don't forget -
  • 42. Life is Now. Press Play.

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