10 Most In-Demand Skills in the Current Business Environment

10 Most In-Demand Skills in the Current Business Environment

10 Most In-Demand Skills in the Current Business Environment

As the global business environment changes, so are the skills that needed to be successful on the job. And with technology becoming a driving force in how organizations do business, job applicants need to armed with multiple skill sets. Here are the 10 most in-demand skills that job seekers should have in the current business environment:

1. Cloud computing

Cloud computing skills in a generation where the cloud is being used to power entire business operations is a no brainer. Fortune 500 companies aren’t the only ones maximizing cloud computing but small and midsize businesses (SMBs) as well. Since cloud computing can result in data being accessed anytime and anywhere, it has allowed companies to operate more efficiently on a global scale.

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Cloud computing is a technical skill since it mostly involves performing business intelligence (machine learning) and data security tasks through a variety of programming languages. Although there are numerous no-code apps today that enable users to perform a variety of cloud computing tasks, it still requires basic coding and cloud software knowledge.     

2. Analysis

Analysis or critical thinking has always been an in-demand skill. In these times where job seekers are required to possess at least several hard skills, having an excellent ability to analyze a variety of problems is as important as ever. Analysis is required in multiple industries, even the ones that operate by following strict procedures such as in medicine, banking, and construction. Not everyone can solve a problem in a timely and efficient manner; that is why employers are willing to offer more to job seekers who possess excellent analytical skills.    

3. Sales leadership

Profit-based organizations are driven by sales to generate revenue. This is where salespeople come in to bring in money for the company. Sales is never an easy job. In fact, it is one of the jobs with the highest turnover rate around the world. But there’s a reason why salespeople are some of the highest-paid in any industry. Although the job is difficult, it can also be very rewarding even for individuals who only have around a year of experience.

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Sales leadership is more than a job that requires talking to a client for hours on end. Those long talks need to translate to closed deals and referrals. Additionally, sales leadership is also attributed to creating a strategy where the company can maximize earning potential with the resources it currently has.      

4. Mobile app development

Much like cloud computing, mobile app development is one skill that has created massive demand in the past decade. Smartphones and tablets have become more than just devices that let people communicate. These have become gaming consoles, music and video players, and office essentials all rolled into a single powerful device. Smart devices will only get smarter in the foreseeable future; the reason app tech skills will continue to be in-demand.       

5. People management

People management is often an underappreciated skill but it is actually a requirement by employers when looking for the right candidate. There is no organization that wants to create an environment where employees are rarely talking with each other. People management is one skill that always results in efficient collaboration and synergy in the workplace. This skill isn’t just limited to salespeople or HR professionals though, as it one of the soft skills that are needed by individuals who want to build long-lasting relationships with their peers.  

6. Video production

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Video production is a skill that has grown with the times. Recording, editing, and producing videos are very different today than it was in the 1990s or even in the early 2010s. Although video work can get complicated, it is a skill that can be learned for individuals who have zero prior experience. Video production is also one of the most in-demand skills for freelancing since hundreds of companies and individuals outsource this type of work. But mastering this skill can get costly as one needs to eventually have an HD camera, a large-storage computer, and premium video editing software.   

7. Audio production

Video production mostly goes hand-in-hand with audio production. Whatever the visual content, expect that there is always accompanying audio that is played simultaneously with the video. Audio production is not just limited to the radio/podcast and music entertainment industry as numerous firms also look for highly-experienced and skilled audio engineers or audio editing specialists to work on a variety of marketing campaigns. Similar to video editing, this skill also requires some high-quality equipment to get some high-quality work done such as a computer, microphone, and recording software.       

8. UX design

User experience design or UX design is one of those skills that are in-demand not just today but will be one of the most in-demand skills for the future. UX design is a very broad skill since it covers a little bit of everything, including but not limited to information architecture, user research, branding, visual design, and content. It’s also responsible for allowing users to easily navigate the World Wide Web. It can be difficult to learn UX design for every industry that is why it is advisable to stick to a specific industry and get training through various resources found online.      

9. SEO/SEM marketing

Many companies, including soft skills companies, are now realizing the importance of digital marketing. Thus, the rise of jobs relating to search engine optimization and search engine marketing jobs. SEO and SEM are the main reasons why organizations have a strong presence on the Web. Strong presence leads to increased traffic and increased traffic leads to higher conversions and revenue.    

10. Adaptability

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With organizations constantly changing processes to better suit the needs of their clients, adaptability is one skill that every individual (experienced employees and job seekers alike) should have. The skill mostly pertains to a person having the ability to quickly adjust to a new change made within the organization. Adaptability can be very difficult especially if the entire organization is affected by the change but this skill is essential if one aims to take a leadership role in the future. Additionally, with technology continuing to shape how companies do business, change is only inevitable. 

Gone are the days where a person can possess one skill and get the dream job they always wanted. The world has become highly advanced and highly competitive, resulting in human resources departments now looking at a future workforce who can consistently perform multiple tasks at high levels every single day.