Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

What Is Mission Statement?

For any organization it is important to describe their purpose and focus of the work and it will motivate employees to work against the goal at the same time. It is also considered as a written declaration for an organization. Such thing is referred as mission statement. The statement will vary from one company to another company and it is mainly focus on the type of work provided by the company. It will describe the vision of an organization in a better manner.

How To Write Mission Statement?

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The mission statement has an opportunity to describe the company’s various factors in a broad manner and it includes goals, culture, ethics, and norms of the company. It should explain the company in three different dimensions and they are: what the company does for customers, employees, and owners.

Some of the points to write a mission statement of the company and it include:

1. Who is Your Organization?

The mission statement should answer the statement on why to buy the product provided by the company. This would make get the real market statement about the company in minds of people. Also, it will define how the company is different from other companies present in the market.

2. What do You do? Why You Need to do It?

The mission statement should answer the answer the type of work and what is the reason behind it for emerging into the market at the same time. It is always better to describe good about the company.

3. How do You Make Profit?

The mission statement should be describes the way how company is making the profit from their product or services out of it. The market defining story would help to get the right statement of the company. Also, we should not under value the business in the statement.

4. What Type of Market is Company Focusing?

Each company will have their own domain or field to concentrate it. Before making a note on the statement, we need to understand the type of work being done in the specific field. Also, we need to understand the different options have been evolved in the same field.

5. What Kind of Benefits Being Provided to the Customers?

It should explain how we are unique in the market and methods processed to stand separate in the real market when compared to other companies. Such kinds of benefits should also work for employees present in the company.

6. Do You Fix the Problems of Customers?

It should provide the solution for the problems being faced by the customers from their products and services. Also, it should mention the quality measure that helps to reduce or totally avoiding it in the future.

7. What Kind of Internal Work Environment Defines Needs of Employees?

It should define the need of employees of the company internally which would make the feel of comfort zone on doing their work. Such thing would help company to attain the specific goal at the right period of time.

Tips For A Best Mission Statement

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There are more number of guidelines and articles being published in getting tips for getting a best mission statement for any type of company in the real life. It is always good to enquire with the experts in making the statement for different fields.

  • We need to get into the right kind of information about the company. It would make to feel on some of the questions in the mind like what kind of business? What is required for the end users? What are all the objectives being defined by the company?
  • We need to provide the clear statement about the company and it should provide the business goals and objectives at the same period of time. It should provide the information on difference between the live customers and clients for the same company.
  • We need to decide on the unique characteristics of the company and such thing would help company to stand alone among more number of competitors present in the business market. This would help to identify the company among the crowd.
  • We need to decide on building unique brand name for the company and the same thing should be communicated to the customers and clients that serves. Also, the statement should be kept shot and sweet which would make all people to understand it well.
  • We need to replicate the type of business in the statement and it should provide honest information about the same company. We need to avoid telling about the promotional kind of language about the company. Such thing would make better feel about the same company.
  • It is always good to get the enough kind of input information from others even if the people are sole owner of the company. Such kind of collaboration would help to understand strength of the company in a better and effective manner.
  • We need to consider all kinds of possible ways about the company before making mission statement for it. We need to keep viewing each word of the statement and understand that it provides all required kind of information about the company.

Mission Statement Examples

mission statement examples

Mission statement is very important for all kinds of business and it provides the clear insight of the business. It is always good to go through more number of mission statement examples being present in internet. This would help people in getting right decision and in sight on getting the same for company at all period of times. It will also define the purpose of the organization.

What to Avoid in Mission Statements?

things to avoid in mission statements

Even though, there are more number of experts and others would explain on how to make the mission statement for the company. We need to make a note on what to be avoided in the mission statements. This would be good to avoid any kind of mistakes before being published in any banners. Some of the points are provided below:

1. Avoid Jargon Words

It is good to avoid jargon words in the mission statement and we need to keep in mind that statement should be clear for the people who does not understand about your company in the real world. It should be simple and understandable at all times.

2. Should Not be too Generic Statement

We need to make sure that mission statement should not be too generic in nature. We need to provide the statement which should be stand unique in the market by competing with other companies in reality. It also describe special about the business.

3. Should Not Lack in Inspiration

It is always important that people should not feel boring and lacks in inspiration on the mission statement being provided by the company. It should replicate the type of business which would strive the passion and feel excitement on reading it.

4. Should Not be Very Long

The lengthy mission statement will not provide the meaningful feel about the company. It may result in various factors in the minds of people. To avoid this, we need to maintain a short statement in short paragraphs with two or three sentences length.

5. Avoid Focusing on the Words

We need to avoid focus on the words present in the statement. Rather, we have to pretend on the meaning of the words present in the same statement. Such thing would make people to get the clear concepts and able to know what company is trying to communicate to others.

6. Lack of Feedback

It is always good to have ongoing feedback from others and it will clearly describe the real fact of the mission statement. It would also make people to do correction before going into live and before taking any kind of strategic decision on it.

7. Should Not Make Hard Feeling

We should not make the people to have hard to believe about the company from mission statement being written on it. We need to provide the statement which is possible by the company and always go with the real fact about the same company.


In this article, we have understand how mission statement should be represent for a company and how it is being chosen based on the business fields. It is always good to go through these points before deciding on mission statement for any organization.