3 Ways To Help You Stay Committed To Execution

3 Ways To Help You Stay Committed To Execution

3 Ways To Help You Stay Committed To Execution

Are You a Business Strategist or an Operator?

Not sure how you would answer that? Well, business strategists are people who work ON the business and business operators are the people who work IN the business.

One is a big picture, strategy driven, results oriented person and the other, is often the process driven person, the one that keeps the wheels moving towards the destination. You need both to drive a business and likewise, you need these two mentalities to run your life.

The Business of You

I see life as a You.inc. You are the business; your life is your business. You will very often need to strategize, work ON how your life is going and on a daily basis carry out these grand ideas of yours. The problem is, too often, the advice that we receive are either strategy-centric; follow your passion, envision yourself thin, imagine what it would be like to date you! Or we receive advice from the operator-centric people who will tell you to plan your day to success, 5 steps to being thin and 10 ways to be deliriously happy starting now!

the business of you

Life like business is not black and white. You cannot succeed based on one method alone, you need a combination. You have to set aside time to be the owner of your life i.e. plan your life and you need to make the commitment to be the operator, to be able to put into action your plans with a daily effort.

Imagine this, if you were a company and there are lots of ideas but nobody to execute these ideas, would your company still succeed?

As Sue Grafton, the American novelist said:

Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats.

Life is more than just a box of chocolate. you should plan for what you get

We all have ideas; the issue is in committing to your cause. So the next time you are having trouble executing your ideas, here are 3 ways to help you stay committed.

1. The Big Questions Should not be Ambiguous

no ambiguity in business

The big questions are the whys, which is the ultimate goal kind of question. All remarkable things come from a clear idea of the why. Hugely successful people like Anthony Robbins and Oprah know why they work so hard. There is no ambiguity in their minds.

2. Execution Comes From Commitment and Discipline, not Occasional Motivation

execution comes from commitment

Execution is tedious, it is a hard graft. There is no way about it, we all know that we need to take some actions to create the results we want. The mistake most of us make is that we wait for motivation to hit us, out of the blue like an electric jolt from the heavens. Nope, it doesn’t work like that. Actions require commitment and discipline.

3. Small Things Add Up

achieve step by step

Reaching for the big victory on day one or week one is simply not smart. We all learned or achieved something one small step at a time. Going to school meant going through one grade at a time. Getting promoted at work meant working hard one day at a time. Why would you assume that the most important things in life like your passion business would take less effort? Execution involves taking actions on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that we need ideas to start moving. However, ideas on its own do not equal achievement. You cannot simply stop at inspiration, vision boarding or life goals charting. You need to execute in order to make it all happen.