A List of 10 Super Successful Introverts

A List of 10 Super Successful Introverts

A List of 10 Super Successful Introverts

An introvert is a person who is hesitant to express her or his feelings to others. Such persons treasure their feelings in their hearts. They don't express themselves unless asked to do so. We can find such people everywhere and anywhere. There are introverts in your friend circle, among your colleagues and family members.

Is it their inborn characteristic trait or have they become introverts because of some external factors? It is very difficult to explain why these people became introverts. But, being an introvert is nothing wrong. There are many famous people who are introverts but have made a name for themselves.

Here comes a list of 10 super successful introverts.

1. JK Rowling

jk rowling

This celebrity, who gave life to the character Harry Potter, is often referred to as an introvert. While talking about her success, she says that her imagination and creative skills worked the most when she was alone. These people find happiness not in socializing, but in staying away from others.

2. Bill Gates

bill gates

When I hear this name, it rings a bell. It happens not only to me but to every layman in this world. This computer genius is supposed to be an introvert. These introverts need not talk because the hidden genius in them makes everyone talk about them. Susan Cain, an introvert expert said that how much ever he develops his communication and interpersonal skills, he will not be successful. On the flip side, none can match his creative skills in the computer field.

3. Abraham Lincoln

abraham lincoln

The third person in this list is the renowned politician, Abraham Lincoln. When I read more about these introverts, I feel that the saying 'Silence is golden' is absolutely correct. Introverts earn a lot of respect by being reserved and self-contained. They become famous because this world has valued their inner abilities and admirable character traits positively.

4. Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera

She is an accomplished pop star who categorizes herself as an introvert. She appears to be an extrovert to all those who see her on stage shows or TV, but she is a timid person in real life.

5. Eleanor Roosevelt

eleanor roosevelt

Here is another well-known American politician who was born as a shy child and made a mark in her life because of her sincerity towards work and people. She once said that the best friend one can have is he himself. Develop a good relationship with yourself to develop a good relationship with people.

6. Albert Einstein

albert einstein

This physicist is of the opinion that loneliness triggers the creativity in you. Talk to yourself and it is the beginning of one of the most wonderful creations man has ever seen.

7. Emma Watson

emma watson

Emma Watson is a famous British actress who says that people make her feel that there is something unusual about the people who don't socialize much. She feels that being an introvert and staying most of the time at home is not something she does purposefully. Instead, it is her character and she says that she loves doing that.

8. Mahatma Gandhi

mahatma gandhi

I can rightly say that he is perhaps the father of non-violence in addition to being the Father of the nation (India). He said that he could conquer the whole world without a war.

9. Warren Buffet

warren buffett

This rich investor has made immense wealth by being an introvert. When we stop talking, we use all our energy to think. Our brain has a quality to find out solutions to the most difficult problems naturally.

10. Mark Zuckerberg

mark zuckerberg

This person, who has helped people find out their lost friends after years through a social networking website, is a big introvert. He has also proved that imaginations work when you talk less and think more.

These people prove that they are highly successful despite being an introvert.