7 Healthy Habits You Should Teach Your Child

7 Healthy Habits You Should Teach Your Child

7 Healthy Habits You Should Teach Your Child

The first few years of a child until they become teenagers are the most influential.  During this period kids tend to look up to their parents, guardians and even those they spend most times around which includes friends. As a parent, this is the perfect time to instill healthy habits that will ensure your child becomes proactive and the best version of themselves. This does not mean that as soon as they are teenagers you stop parenting but means you have imparted the core habits. The following are the 7 top essential healthy habits you should teach your child.

1. Not To Use Offensive Language

not to use offensive language

Whether he or she heard it from hanging out with their friends, watching movies, playing games or listening to music, swearing and cursing can make your kid look insensitive. Since young children tend to copy what adults say, parents should avoid using offensive language around their children. Creating a zero tolerance to foul words will also set the example of the language they are supposed to use.

2. To Brush Teeth Before Bed

child brushing teeth

Kids are attracted to sweet snacks. While it can be challenging to control how much junk food they eat on a daily basis, brushing their teeth twice a day including at night will prevent tooth cavities.  When you teach this good practice from their childhood, they will develop it as a daily habit.

3. To Have A Healthy Eating Tradition

healthy eating tradition

As children grow up, they will want to eat more of what they like which will mostly include junk food. However, when you set a routine of eating nutritious foods, you will reduce the chances of your kid having obesity, skin related problems and even frequent occurrence of diseases. The nutrition habits formed in early years such as eating a nutritious breakfast every day and homemade meals will influence how your kid eats throughout their lives.

4. Play Outside

play outside

We live in a world where kids would rather play video games than go outside the house to play. As a result, they not only become antisocial but also increase their chances of becoming lazy. Not every child will love sports. However, by encouraging your kid to try different physical activities such as swimming or basketball, they will stay healthy and active.

5. Enjoy Family Time

 enjoy family time

As parents we have busy schedules making it hard to create family time. However, research shows that a family bond gets stronger when they spend more quality time together.  By having family time, you as a parent will also get more involved in your child’s life.

6. Importance Of Saving Money

child saving money

Healthy habits start at a young age. The easiest way to teach them about the importance of money is to get your kids to save their allowances in a saving account or piggy bank. They can then use the saved money to buy a new gadget or an expensive item that they want. By teaching them healthy financial habits, they will grow up to be financially stable adults.

7. Read Everyday


Since kids learn by observing their parents, you can instill a love of reading by reading to them every night before they go to bed. Pick random books and observe those which they are more interested in so as you make reading a fun habit.