5 Ways to Allow Positive Thoughts to Become Part of Your Character

5 Ways to Allow Positive Thoughts to Become Part of Your Character

5 Ways to Allow Positive Thoughts to Become Part of Your Character

Positive thoughts don’t just give you a feeling of peace, they affect your whole life. This is why you need to implement them daily. It’s impossible to capture the power that positive thinking gives you, if you don’t have this mindset firmly embedded in your character.

All that’s required to accomplish this is a mindset change. If you’re in a bind, you just need to change your mind. You’re an amazing creature with the profound ability to create any world you want for yourself– life doesn’t happen to you, it’s something you’rein charge of.

Before we explore the five ways to use positive thoughts to drive your inspiration, we will look at some obstacles to positive thinking.Always remember that thinking positively is a state of being, not an action you take when you need to. Positivity leads to inspiration by opening your mind so you’rementally stimulated to do, or feel, something creative.

Barriers to Positive Thoughts

1. Positive Thoughts Versus Negative Thoughts – You’re in Control


Inner Strength Through Positive Thoughts

There is always two ways to look at a situation – positively or negatively. One mindset brings happiness, while the other brings sadness and frustration. Thus, you have a decision to make when faced with any situation - Will you choose positive thoughts or negativethoughts about it?

You may think that you don’t have a choice, but only you can choose how you will react to life’s adventures and how you feel. You should never let a negative thought push away a positive thought; because negative thinking does NOTHING for you.

2. Understanding and Embracing That bad Things Happen


 Know Things When Give Up

One problem that stands in the way of positive thoughts is the belief that they don’tdo any good. For example, you get excited about something and focus on thinking positively, but then it doesn’t turn out how you hoped. So you feel that all your efforts to think positive were wasted.

But this is the wrong way to look at it. Positive thoughts don’t always change situations, but they change how you feel about, and deal with them.  If positive thinking is part of your character you will see, and accept, both the good and bad in every outcome.

3. It’s too Hard to Change Your Mindset


 Ways to Make Changes

The great thing about changing your mindset is that is doesn’tcost you anything. Unlike having to pay for a course to learn something and then dedicate your time to learning; thinking positively does not cost you a dime.

All you have to do is make a solemn oath to yourself to put in the mental energy required to change how you think. After you do that, the rest is easy.

Now we will look at the five ways to make positive thoughts part of your character. Although the following is not an exhaustive list, it will get you headed in the right direction to continually getting inspiration.

4. Ways to Make Positive Thoughts Part of Your Character

 Take Hold of Opportunities and Knowledge


Build Positive Thoughts

Life has a way of constantly opening doors to new opportunities. Sometimes they come from bad things happening. This is why you should seize everything that happens in your life – good and bad. Think of a specific negative situation that forced you to take another course of action and everything worked out amazing.

Similar to positive thinking, knowledge is also potential power. Take hold of what you learn on your journey through life. Whether it’s gained through a life experience or formal education use that knowledge as a way to achieve your goals. Just remember that sometimes you have to go to Plan B; but never let this change your positive thinking to negative thinking.

 Live a Life of Gratitude and Service


Ways to Gratitude

Always be grateful for what you have, the people in your life, and the experiences that mold you. Whenever you feel grateful, it’s impossible not to have positive thoughts.

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity...it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." Melody Beattie

Providing service to others in need does more than change your way of thinking. It warms your heart, inspires you to be a better person, and boosts your self-awareness. There is nothing more realin life than seeing the vulnerability of another person – it shows us what is truly important to us as individuals.

Be Mindful of who you Hang out With


Overcome Negative Thoughts

Avoid people who don’tinspire you. This does not necessarily mean negative people, or those who like to complain.  Sometimes positive people are not inspiring either.

Someone who is grumpy can inspire you to never be like them. Their negative thinking can strengthen your desire to keep your thoughts positive.  Either way just make sure you get inspiration from your peers. You never know when they will give you an idea that will solve a problem, or spur your creativity.

Take Control – You’re the Boss of you


Take Control of Your Life

Don’t put other people in charge of your thoughts. This happens when you say to yourself so and so thinks this about me so this is how I should behave. How can you be inspired if you don’t think for yourself?

If someone is unkind to you, don’t let that interfere with your positive thoughts; when you do this you constrict your mind so it can’t be either stimulated, or inspired. Their negative actions are their problem, not yours.

5. Stay the Course and Don’t Compare Yourself to Others


Positive Thinking

To change your mindset you have to focus on changing your mind and envision yourself as always being a positive thinker. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to others, or worrying about what they think of you. You’re your own person journey through life, they’re not taking it for you.

At this point,you’re not trying to inspire others - you’re working on making positive thoughts part of your character. Use the power of positive thoughts to propel you to heights you could never imagine.

As the Dalai Lama says “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”This is how you willchange your mindset and have positive thoughts continually, regardless of the situation.