5 Reasons Why a Good Follower Can be a Better Leader

5 Reasons Why a Good Follower Can be a Better Leader

5 Reasons Why a Good Follower Can be a Better Leader

Leaders lead. Followers follow. The relationship between leaders and followers is as simple as that. Followers can make or break a leader by supporting him and influencing how the desired goals are achieved. Everyone of us is followers in some area or the other of our lives. We keep filling in roles in our lives. As kids, we follow our parents, older sibling lead younger ones.

In our social circles, we tend to follow someone who has strong leadership skills likewise in other settings too. No leader can impact the world without having good followers. Only a good follower can become a good leader. Leaders who are not good followers may turn into tyrants. Here are five reasons why a good follower makes a better leader.

1. Awareness


Good followers are always aware of the various audiences like colleagues, clients, co-workers and public at large. Awareness will help a good follower to bring people together as a leader. Good followers read the minds of people so that they have a good understanding of the problems people face and also what motivates them.

2. Courage

courage of a leader

Good followers do not follow their leaders blindly. Giving undiscriminating support does not make you a good follower. Good followers do have the courage to dissent when they feel that their leader is heading in the wrong direction. They are always alert. Critical thinking is an essential quality one should possess to be a good follower.

Good followers speak up and voice their opinion both to dissent and also to support their leader’s wise decisions. Courage and strength of conviction are good leadership qualities.

3. Accept Different Perspectives

different perspectives

Good followers know how to get along with those who have different perspectives. They do not ignore those who have differences. This is an important leadership quality. It’s essential for good followers to respect those who have different views and not fight never ending battles with them.

4. Walk the Talk

walk the talk

Good followers do set high standards for themselves. They set good examples for others to follow. They consistently build strong relationships and have a great self-discipline. They walk the talk instead of just shooting from the mouth. They take initiative and do not wait to be instructed all the time. Great leaders are great decision makers.

5. Tolerance


Good followers accept that great leaders also have flaws. They know that great leaders can fail like any other human. They allow imperfections in their leaders without being judgemental. Great leaders know that people are at their best when they are allowed to choose their own approach towards taking risks and achieving happiness.

Good followers invest their time and energy to be well informed about the leaders they follow. They support and take appropriate action towards the cause their leaders are working for. They are self-reliant and enthusiastic. Many of the good qualities like competence, intelligence, and motivation in a great leader are the same qualities we find in good followers too. If you can be a good follower, you will certainly make a good leader.