How To Fight Loneliness By Yourself

How To Fight Loneliness By Yourself

How To Fight Loneliness By Yourself

Humans are, by nature, social and interactive beings. We speak, cooperate and have fun with other people. That is the main reason why staying isolated from other people can be a major blow.

Loneliness is a powerful feeling and can lead to depression. It is normally taken care of by seeking friendships and other people's company. However, if that becomes difficult for one reason or another, here is how you fight loneliness by yourself.

1. Indulge In A Hobby

turn into a hobby

If you're lonely then maybe you can turn to something you love, something you enjoy that will take away the feeling and replace it with contentment and happiness (to some extent). Read a book, play games, write articles or blogs. Keeping your mind off the feelings of loneliness can help ease it, maybe long enough for you to actually get some friends.

2. Do Not Dwell on The Feeling

dont dewll into feeling

Loneliness gets stronger and stronger the more you think about it. This is really just to add on to the previous point I raised. Keep your mind away from being lonely. The law of attraction states that whatever you feel is what will happen to you. So if you continue thinking you are lonely, then probably more circumstances will happen to you that will make you lonelier. The opposite also holds true, think positive and not dwell on the loneliness and you can probably fight the feelings off by not constantly reminding yourself about how you feel.

3. Take Note Of Your Feeling

take a note of your feeling

Ok! this is the complete 180-degree turn from the past points as this is what I would suggest if the other two don't work for you. Keeping a journal is a good way to combat loneliness. Imagining your journal /diary as a friend you can be honest to, is a good way of fighting loneliness. You can vent out your frustrations of not having any friends, your feelings about your partner leaving you, or even about your dog dying. Talking to someone about it is usually better for you but if you can't for any given reason, then keeping it in a book can help you get through.

4. Remember, You Are Never Truly Alone

you are not alone

This is not meant to creep you out. I'm talking about the people who care about you and the people whom you care about in return. You know they love you, so you can keep them in mind when you feel lonely. Remember fond times with them and remember that they always have your wellness in mind. The memory may seem sad at first, melancholic due to the fact that they may not actually be there with you at the time. But knowing that someone out there would want to be with you, would definitely help you.

Loneliness is a serious matter, but it can be taken care of quite easily. The company of others is the best way to get rid of it. But if for some reason you find yourself in the situation where you feel that it's not really possible at a certain point of time, I hope this article will help.