Best People to Brainstorm with at Work

Best People to Brainstorm with at Work

Best People to Brainstorm with at Work

Brainstorming is a relaxed, informal approach to problem solving. Here people are encourages to come up with thoughts and ideas.It is process to generate creative idea through group discussion. Here every participant is encouraged to think and suggest their ideas no matter how it is. It provides a free and open environment so that everyone can participate.

Best person to brainstorm with at work follows the following techniques:

Best person to brainstorm

First of all the problem should be identified for what brain storming is required. Based on the problem group member should be identified for the brainstorming group. The group should be diverse rather than like -minded people. The group member should be from a wide range of disciplines, and include people who have a different thinking style. After that the problem should be presented to the group. The group member should be given a plenty of time so that they can explore their ideas and can share their ideas in the brainstorming session.

The room where brainstorming Session will be conducted should be a quiet room. There should be big visible materials for writing such as whiteboards. The room should be a noise free room and it should be quiet and should be a comfortable one. Thus, good location matters a lot in brainstorming. If the location is not proper, member will be disturbed idea exploration will not be in a proper way.

The leader of the meeting

The leader of the meeting should come with specific questions. The background information should be given to the member a few days before s that they can come with their thoughts and ideas. The group should be supported with enough background information to have a positive solution to get. Be sure what you want and what to do with it. It should be expressed to the member of the group that you really want their ideas for future course of action and provide them the updates they feel that ideas are taken up.

There should be someone who has to rum the meeting, guiding the conversation in useful   directions that can be the manager or lead person. Good facilitation means good listening skills, good group awareness and the ability to help the people to express their ideas without any hesitation. He should use the white board to write down the ideas provided by the people, this also prevent people interrupting each other. In certain situation the facilitator should minimize their contributions , in favor of just trying to help the group. Everybody in the group should be encouraged to contribute and to give their ideas, including the quietest people.

encourage everyone to contribute

You should try to encourage everyone to contribute and to develop ideas, including the quietest people, and discourage anyone from criticizing ideas.

The leader should put the focus on the list .The white board should the main point of the meeting. It should be make it clear that everyone in the room gathered together with the goad should add as many items as possible on whiteboards. The person who runs the whiteboard should encourage the group member to help each other or to bet describe any idea that is currently being discussed in the meeting. The ground rules should be established so that it can help to establish comfort and the make the time more useful.

Creative thinking involves exploring

Creative thinking involves exploring of traditional and the non traditional ideas to get the ultimate one. To find that last down all potential, embarrassing, silly, goofy ideas many time group member do not come forward with their ideas thinking that their ideas will be a stupid one or they will be ashamed in front of their seniors. So the leader has to play an important role to comfort the group member to give their ideas without any hesitation or fear.