7 Reasons why Coffee Lovers live longer

7 Reasons why Coffee Lovers live longer

7 Reasons why Coffee Lovers live longer

The morning cup of coffee that we all have been consuming has some cheerful news. According to research there are huge benefits to drinking coffee apart from being just energy boosters. There are over 20 studies conducted by researchers and nutritionists, which suggest that people drinking coffee live longer than those who don’t. Drinking coffee however, is one of those habits, which people try to break due to various reasons. But these seven reasons would change their perception about the habit.

1. Prevents Stroke


The American Heart Association recently published an article stating that people who drink one cup of coffee per day decrease a 20% risk of having a stroke for the next few years.

2. Prevents Heart Disease

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Coffee contains caffeine, which is good for your heart in certain amount of doses as it helps increase your metabolism. It reduces fatty acids from fatty tissues and also stimulates the central nervous system.

3. Prevents Neurological Diseases


Studies show that drinking coffee helps lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by 65%. People who drink coffee regularly also negate the risk of developing Parkinson’s by 25%.

4. Prevents Diabetes


Coffee helps in preventing Diabetes. A study suggests that if a person drinks coffee before having a meal it increases the level of glucose in the body. It also increases the level of insulin resistance which is good for prevention of diabetes. Caffeine decreases insulin sensitivity and impairs glucose tolerance, which helps reduce Type 2 diabetes.

5. Helps to Burn Fat


Caffeine impacts the metabolic processes; it also affects the metabolic rate by boosting it between 3-11%. When a person’s metabolism is boosted it is easier to burn fat. A study shows that for obese people it reduces 10% fat whereas for lean people it reduces 29% fat. Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, which helps the human body use insulin and regulate blood sugar levels, which helps reduce the craving for treats and snacks.

6. Helps to Protect Liver


Drinking coffee helps to protect the liver from cirrhosis, which makes the liver ineffective because it is transformed into a scar tissue. People who consume at least four cups a day have an 80% lower the risk of suffering from cirrhosis.

7. Reduces Risk of Cancer


A study shows that coffee may help to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in men by 20% and endometrial cancer in women by 25%. Drinking coffee may also prevent developing the most basic type of skin cancer.

According to study, local cafes help you increase your life span by 15%. Coffee is actually very healthy - it is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve your health. The studies show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases. This beverage helps the person reduce heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, burn fat, neurological diseases, reduced risk of cancer.

It is quite possible that many people who consume coffee have no knowledge about the benefits of drinking coffee. These reasons may encourage those who do drink coffee or have stopped consuming it to once again make coffee their favourite beverage. So enjoy your guilt free cuppa coffee every morning.