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Success is a clear resultant of vision and hard work. Dodge is an American brand of automobiles is manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC in Michigan. The name bears more than just its tag with automobile industry. Dodge is an American legacy – a sentiment of America.

It was initially founded as the Dodge Brothers Company by Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge in the year 1900. Both of them were brothers.

Originally, Dodge used to supply parts and assemblies for automakers in Detroit. Later in the year 1915, this company starting building complete automobiles.

Dodge Brothers are responsible for the success of Ford. This success led to their own company’s success also. All the Dodge men were strong and hardworking, but for the Dodge children it was not easy to lead a simple life.

Both the brothers grew up on the streets of Niles and they learned machinist skills from their father at a very young age. John was more talented than his brother, Horace, who was a skilled financier. Both of them were inseparable.

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Horace created a ball bearing at his home, and John decided to get the help of some company to manufacture the first vehicle by Dodge in the year 1887. The bicycle was manufactured under the name of Evans & Dodge in Ontario, Canada. They moved to Ontario in the year 1899.

They leased a building for the manufacturing of bicycle. As a result of the success, they opened a machine shop in 1901.

The Dodge Brothers started garnering perfection in their machining skills. They made contracts with many companies. On their way, they met Henry Ford, who was then planning to start a car company. The brothers were impressed by Ford and decided to sign a contract with him.

By the year 1914, Herace created a new 4-cylinder Dodge Model 30. The Dodge Company competes with the Ford Model T. As a result of the success, the brothers earned reputation for the high quality products they used in their company to manufacture their cars.

The Dodge Company was ranked at the 2nd position in the year 1916. The Dodge Brothers Company was also acclaimed for the durability of their cars.

The cars manufactured by the Dodge Company stayed at the second position in the year 1920. The same year, John felled due to Pneumonia and the same year, his brother died of Cirrhosis. The main reason behind the death of Herace is the loss of his brother with whom he was very close.

The Dodge Company is the leader in the manufacturing of light trucks. The company sales dropped to the seventh position by the year 1929.

The Dodge brothers were not from a wealthy family, but they reached to heights and gained success due to their hard work and determination. With their hard work, they built an empire that is successfully running even after 85 years.

The success in business does not depend on the identity of the person; it solely depends on the hard work and determination that you put into your work. A live example can be seen from the life of Dodge Brothers who with their determination and gained massive success.

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