Lincoln Motor CompanySuccessStory

Lincoln Motor Company SuccessStory

Lincoln Motor Company

There ought to be more scrupulous honesty in big business men than in any other human beings. For big business requires teamwork on a gigantic scale. Lincoln or the Lincoln Motor Company is the division of the Ford Motor Company. The path to success for the brand Lincoln was no small thing. The Ford Company sells luxury cars under the name, Lincoln. The Lincoln Motor Company was founded in the year 1917 by Henry M. Leland. It has been the subsidiary of the Ford Company since the year 1922. Henry Leland was the former manager of the General Motors, Cadillac division. Wilfred Leland, the son of Henry Leland formed the Lincoln Company. The Lincoln Company was named after Abraham Lincoln, former President of United States. Leland’s considered Abraham Lincoln to be his idol and also cast a vote for him in the year 1864.

The first source of income for the Lincoln Company was the assembling of aircraft engines by Liberty using the Ford Motor Company’s cylinders. This was for the World War II contracts. General Motors purchased the Cadillac division of the Leland Company in the year 1909. After the Second World War, the factories of the Leland Company were redesigned to manufacture the luxury cars. The Ford Motor Company purchased the Lincoln Company in the year 1922, but Lincoln continued its separate operations until the year 1940. The Lincoln Company suffered many financial crises in the 1920s. This was a tough time for the Leland’s. Lincoln got bankrupt shortly as they produced only 150 Lincoln L-series cars. The company had to give $8,000,000 to the Ford Company in the year 1922.

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Lincoln then introduced the V12 powered KB platform with a new appearance in the year 1933. A small car, Lincoln-zephyr, was introduced in the year 1933 by the company. This small car increased the sales of the company with great success in the market. In the year 1940, Lincoln Company became the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company. Lincoln had great innovations in its plans, but merging with Ford Company made it to modernize the parts according to the competition going on in the market by the Ford Motors. In the later years, Lincoln manufactured a number of luxury cars along with Ford. After the success of the Lincoln cars under Ford Company, the Ford Company merged with Lincoln and Mercury divisions to form a Lincoln-Mercury division.

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By the year 1960, the Lincoln division adopted a major change in its model lineup. The company started producing more and more luxury cars depending on the needs of the customer. Lincoln made competitive moves to stay in the market. The fuel crisis in the 1980s was a big smash for the Lincoln. Somehow, they managed to save the company and started producing a new line in the range of luxury cars. The company has also shown interest in the range of motorsport. Brand Lincoln also participated in the number of car championships. Lincoln became a subsidiary of Ford, but it continues to create a separate range on its own as well.


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