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Successful brands emerge out of the most uncanny circumstances and adversities. GMC is an automotive division of General Motors in the United States.

The main work of GMC is to sell commercial trucks, vans, buses, military vehicles in North America and Middle East. GMC is the second largest selling vehicle division in the North America.

GMC success story is motivating only because of the hard work and determination that the company followed in order to adapt to its customer needs.

Initially, GMC started as a small company in Stavanger in the year 1973. The main focus of the company was ship repair and marine equipment. The company then adapted to the various market trends that helped it to grow into one of the largest businesses in the world.

GMC had established a number of subsidiaries all across the world in the field of steel, HVAC, and marine electric engines.

William Durant founded the company. Thereafter, GMC went in to purchase companies like Rapid Motor Vehicle Company to expand its base. The employee strength quickly grew from five to hundreds in a span of just one year.

The workforce of GMC was quite professional towards their work. They risk everything for their customers. The hard work made the employees work round the clock, addressing their customers’ changing needs. All the innovators of the company had to cross strict and tight deadlines in order to bring the company to such heights.

GMC also had to face low points in the shipping industries. The international oil crisis made all the companies to wipe out of the market. Unemployment was high at that time.

The founders of the company then decided to immediately develop an offshore company in order to come out of the crisis in the market. Each of the founders brought their personal experiences in bringing the company back to a stable state.

In the year 1975, the GMC had its first EPCI contract. After the oil crisis, this was the first job for oil spill equipments. The development was quite fast at that time. The shipping services received a positive feedback, making the company reclaim its position in the market.

After having years of experience in pumps, turbines, electrical works, heavy lifts and instrumentation, the company knows inside out of the market. Some major experiences were gained by the company in the period of the 80s and 90s.

The main focus of the company had always been its customer needs. It is important to make sure your objective of working. If the objective or the goal of the company is not clear, then it is very difficult to reach the heights.

GMC, even after crossing the hardships in its initial years is still the biggest name in the automotive industry. Another reason to attribute to this was the mutual decisions of the founders and the workforce who strived hard to keep the brand name head high in the market.

The company now has many customer relationships that are alive since GoBack the 1970s. 

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