William Adams Quotes

William Adams was born in Gillingham, England, and grew up to become a well known navigator. After the death of his father when he was only 12, Adams went to the owner of a shipyard at Limehouse and that was the real turning point in life for that young boy. It is from there that William started to gain knowledge about Astronomy, shipbuilding techniques and the navigation process and spent approximately 12 years learning these things.

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    Soon after, when William grew up, he used his talent by serving the Royal Navy. Moreover, he even served in the war of England with Spain. His life took an interesting turn when he started navigating and a time came when he reached Japan. With the expertise and experience of his traveling adventures, he has not only inspired many explorers, but also given the hope of achieving dreams with courage and determination.

    Here are a few rousing quotes from William Adams.

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