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Philip Douglas "Phil" Jackson was to born to Charles and Elisabeth Funk Jackson on September 17, 1945, in Deer Lodge, Montana. The family in which he was born had a very strict environment and indulgence in recreational activities, like TV, dancing, sports, etc., were forbidden. Therefore, it was quite tough forJackson to pursue his career as a sportsman, which later earned him the title of the‘greatest coach in league history’. Phil’s determination and resolve paid off and he brought home a total of 10 championship trophies as aCoach. The biggest turning point in his life was his career as the Head Coach of Chicago Bulls in 1989 with six championship trophies to his honor.

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    Phil retired in 2011, after a long journey as a Coach. He, later,released his book, “The Eight Rings: The Soul of Success”, to share his inspiring journey with the world. His work and his words, both continue to motivate people to aim for the best, always.

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