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Pat Riley is one of the most influential Basketball Coachesin the history of sports. His greatest influence was his coach Walt Przybylo, from whomPat learnt the fundamentals of the game and important life lessons. He has been honored as the NBA Coach of Yearthrice, when he served as Head Coach for Los Angeles Lakers, New Yorks Knicks and Miami Heat.

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    Riley was inducted into the basketball “Hall of Fame” in 2008 andhe has also authored motivational books such as “Showtime: Inside the Laker’s Breakthrough Season” and “The Winner: A Life Plan for Team Players”. He is known for his expertise, tenacity and level of detail of the game and has recently acquired Chris Bosh and LeBron James to team up with Dwayne Wade to form Miami Heat’s BIG 3. Post his retirement in 2008, Riley continues to serve as the President of the team. He is considered a personification of motivation by everyone around him.

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