Jim Valvano Quotes

Quenching the long draught of the North Carolina State University, Jim Valvano achieved in winning the 1983 NCAA Basketball Tournament while serving as the head coach of the team. An inspirational story, Jim Valvano is best known for his flamboyant show of happiness after the win and the inspirational speech in the 1993 ESPY awards, which was his last speech. Jim Valvano coaching records shows his team’s success in many tournaments. Jim Valvano quotes show the love he had for his family and considered his family to be his greatest strength. Jim Valvano quotations encourage to never giving up, no matter how hard the situation is.

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    "Never Give up.Failure and Rejection are only the first step to succeeding"

    Jim Valvano was a highly talented personality who did not live to see the world for long. Jim Valvano speeches were remarkable and show the ardent coach inside him.


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