John Steinbeck Quotes

John Steinbeck Quotes

Steinbeck, who was otherwise called as A Giant of American letters is an American writer, who has written 27 novels. He got the Novel Prize during the year 1962 in the field of literature. Mostly his works are related to the stories of common men or the people who are subdued in the community. His works are considered to be read by a number of people throughout the world.

Summer and Winter

What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of
"What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness "

Among all his works, including short stories, novels, and fictions, he is widely admired by the people of his comic works like Tortilla Flat and Cannery row. He also won a Pulitzer prize and National Book award for the novel The grapes of the wrath.

What is sleep? It is a mystery which stands unfold to the normal human brain. No-0ne except God who has created us knows the secret and has kept it under the wraps. John Steinbeck says that a wonderful way to solve our problems is to sleep. He is telling a good sound sleep will perform the trick. Sleep is a committee which works on the problems solving it. It is true that we are born with a natural talent to solve our own problems. The difficulty is in realizing your own potentials.

He is absolutely right when he says that humans are the only species in the world which gets trapped by the bait it itself has set. We are the real cause of our own pain and sorrow. In the haste to create a favorable environment for themselves, people get into some sort of a predicament.