Jonathan Safran Foer Quotes

Jonathan Safran Foer Quotes

Jonathan is an American fiction writer who also says she regrets that it takes a complete life to really learn how to live. She used to think that humor was the only way to appreciate how wonderful and terrible the world is, to celebrate how big life is. But now she thinks the opposite. Humor is a way of shrinking from that wonderful and terrible world. The quotes show the feelings as a person as a parent , as a human being.


“You cannot protect yourself from
"You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness"

The entire approach towards life is different in the quotes by Jonathan . She sees bad stuff on the streets all the time but really does not do anything about it , or maybe she can’t But she also admits that she does bad stuff too all the time. She understands that the goal is not actually to be perfect as that would be silly to admit and very naïve of her. Her goal is to identify that there exist choices in front of her and one MUST take the better one. She says that words are definitely capable of making the experience more vivid , and also of organizing it . The words can do both scare us and at times comfort us.

The quotes are a help and a guideline to the life we are living and want our children to lead in future as kids are a great analogy . You do want your kids to grow up and simultaneously you also donot want your kids to grow up . You wish that kids are independent of you but then it is also a parent’s worst nightmare , That they won’t need you any more when they grow up is the real tragedy of parenting.