John Barrymore Quotes

John Barrymore Quotes

Mr. John Barrymore, a great actor and stage artist is always an inspiration to all of us. His life was full of struggle but he always emerged as the winner in every situation. As his life teaches us to fight in every situation without losing hope so his quotes gives us the motivation to fight in every situation. He was one of the most influential and actor of his day and many idolizes him today also. As his life his quotes are inspirational and thought provoking.


Happiness often sneak
"Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open "

He always uses to say those things which will leave a deeper mark in your mind. He was very strong headed personality and his quotes teach us to never be afraid of anything even the death as everything will pass on some day. The quotes represent that he always was young from his heart and till the end of his life he was joyous and happy.

His life is like a lesson which teaches us a many things, he inspires us to believe in ourselves and we should never lose hope in our life. His life is a symbol of freedom and so his quotes which inspire us to believe in us and always be free to do whatever you want.

A legendary actor who rise superstardom and subsequent decline is one of the legendary tragedies of Hollywood and his life teach, inspires and motivates us to rise above every situation and be the best in whatever you do. His quotes are exemplary and inspirational.