Russ Weiner Success Story

Russ Weiner Success Story

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Red Bull is universally known to be the most preferred kicker drink that practically gives one wings.Not many know that another drink came into foray, giving tough time to Red Bull.  Russel Weiner, the person behind a strong competitor to reputed energy drink brand, Rock star, has struggled a lot in his life to achieve this position. With a bachelor’s degree in political science field, Russel started working with his father and co-founded the political society called Paul Revere Society.

Early Life

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Moving on the track of his education field, Russel participated as a Republican in 1998 elections, urging for the 6th District seat in the State Assembly of California. Hewon the primary election for the Republicans by 5 votes. Although he used some valuable propositions to gain vote bank and managed to achieve 13.3% votes, he lost the final round to Democrat Kerry Mazzoni. With the loss, he became furious and reacted in an anti-Semitic manner, while destroying all pamphlets and posters.


The disappointed Weiner turned out of politics and moved to a different field to explore his potential. His campaign for a seat in the California State Assembly attracted the founder of Skyy Vodka, Maurice Kanbar, who hired him for the company. Russ proposed his idea of launching an energy drink, but Kanbar refused to move forward with it, due to the dominance of Red Bull during its early days of release. More over, he also expressed least interest in the name proposed, Rockstar, which compelled Russ to quit his job and move along with his own idea. Weiner got his initial investment by putting his condo for sale and started working on his innovative idea of offering more quantity in lesser price.  He stated that he was frustrated by the availability of small 8-ounce cans from Red Bull, while he got the formula after testing of 700 variations in order to hit the market with approximately double the quantity.

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After making a start in 2001, Weiner struggled for around 7 years to capture a noteworthy share of the market with his energy drink.It was in 2008, when his efforts provided him fruitful results. He received an admirable share of 14% in the US market, becoming the leading brand.Later, his energy drink company lost its leading place and dropped to 3rd in the list.

Weiner did not stop at this success, but turned to another of his hobbies by entering into the real estate industry.He bought his first property in 2006, invested in some constructions and made a profitable deal by selling it. Later on, he bought another property and sold it at more than double the buying price, 6 years after his first deal.

Thus, Russ Weiner pursued his career in different fields of his interest, but didn’t stop at failures. He learnt lessons from his mistakes, developed new ideas and tasted a huge success in his subsequent maneuvers. Weiner’s story is a true success tale of guts, conviction and toil.