Famous People Born in California

The culture of California is joined to the culture of the United States as a whole. With the cultural roots in SpainMexico, as well as the eastern United States, California is highly recognized in the entire world for its irresistible food delights, traditions, exquisite cuisine and languages. The breathtaking alluring views located here always tempt numerous visits here every year. In this city you will experience the charm of unique ethnic focus in every district you observe.

Numerous famous people of California have made large contributions to the history of this nation. In addition to the wealthy culture, California has raised a lot of victorious people who set an example for others to follow. Oscar award winner Leonardo DiCaprio, born here and he is a successful professional actor. Famous Twilight Star Kristen Stewart , Popular actress Angelina Jolie, Legendary actor Tom Hanks, the Information technology entrepreneur as well as a great innovator Steve Jobs, world famous golfer Tiger Woods, famous wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, actor Jaden Smith etc.

The list of famous personalities originating from this city never ends. It is the city to attract everyone towards it because of the precious moments people spend here and cherish them forever.

Apart from culture, California is well known for sports also as a lot of popular sports persons are born here. Max Baer who is the previous world heavyweight boxing champion hails from this city. Also Diego Corrales, a former world lightweight and junior lightweight boxing champion born in this city.