Forrest Mars Jr Success Story

Forrest Mars Jr Success Story

Forrest Edward Mars Jr


Forrest Mars, Jr., Virginia-based candy titan’s secretive billionaire owner as well as the grandson of its founder, Frank C. Mars, became a billionaire not only due to his family business, but also because of his own skills and efforts, invested in the firm. However, his route to the ownership was not that easy as it would seem to be, for a successor within the family.

mars family

His father, Forrest Mars Senior had to work very hard to be capable of handling the firm and took it to the next level of success. Similarly senior Mars made his children, including Mars junior  to work hard and learn every aspect of the business before transferring the ownership.

Early Career

forrest mars jr

Forrest completed his BA from Yale University, after which, he served the Army as a finance officer, followed by a job at Prince Waterhouse’s accounting firm in New York. He spent a lot of time in New York before gaining an entry into his family business and earned respect within the family by starting from scratch to build a business.

edward mars

He joined Mars in 1960, but that was not an end to his struggle as he had to travel a long way to prove his capability. The new headquarter of the company was opened in Downtown, Washington, where Forrest Jr was assigned to oversee its opening.

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Next year, he was sent to Veghel, Netherlands, where he started serving the European continent by establishing a fresh candy factory. He spent whole nights in the factory to focus on efficiency and quality, but still failed to impress his father. An unfortunate incident took place and the plant caught fire a few days before its opening and Forrest Jr lost all his respect. Instead of losing hope, he invested another 9 months rebuilding the plant, but the outbursts kept haunting brothers for several years.


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It was in 1973, when the ownership of the company was transferred to Forrest Jr and his brother. They took over the charge and worked constantly on their efficiency and quality, before another blow came in the form of Hershey. This new firm took over Cadbury Schweppes’ US Division on July 22, 1988, acquiring more market share than the Mars, putting the latter down to the second number for the first time.

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Forrest Jr struggled for a long period of 15 years to regain the lost position, including the acquirement of their father’s newly established company, Ethel M. Former Mars and appointing a magical recruit on the marketing head.

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Ultimately, in 1991, Mars reclaimed its position and expanded their product line with the introduction of Uncle Ben’s Rice along with pet food brands, Whiskas and Pedigree. Thus, Forrest attained today’s position, working through his deficits and struggling hard.


The Churchill Bell
he Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation
The Chevalier of the Legion of Honor
Officer in The Order of Orange-Nassau
Full Name :
Forrest Edward Mars Jr
Born :
16th-Aug -1931
Zodiac Sign :
Birth Place :
Oak Park
Education :
Yale University New Haven,
New York University New York City
Occupation :
Founder , Entrepreneur , Businessman
Industry :
Food & Beverage
Networth :
$25.8 billion

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