Famous People Born in 1970

In Chinese astrology, there is a popular belief that the personality and behavior of a person is deeply affected by the year of his birth. Each year has an association with an animal and the people born in a particular year are similar to these animals. 1970 is the year of the dog and people whose birth falls in this year are faithful and loyal like this animal. They make the best of friends and are always willing to stand by their friends and loved ones at the time of need as well as boost their confidence. They do not believe in showing off and are rather subdued in social interactions. Here are some famous people born in the year 1970:

People born in the year 1970 make good listeners and would rather give the best company to the ones who are outgoing. At the same time, these people are the first ones to come up and speak against anything wrong going on around them. They have a great sense of honor and would always come up to support the downtrodden. These people are devoted to their loved ones, but can become quite judgmental and cold if they feel wronged by them.

Such people make successful careers as teachers, doctors, nurses and social activists. The individuals born in the year 1970 tend to worry about every small thing and also become very critical to such things or over react to them. However, they overcome this negative trait as they come of age.