Markus Persson Success Story

Markus Persson Success Story

Markus Alexej Persson


The wizard of Minecraft, the top ‘Notch’ in the gaming industry and Sweden’s’ highest tax payer is here to stay. Introducing, Markus Alexej Notch, the personality every gamer aspires to be. Markus alias Notch was just another nerd behind the computer at ‘Kings’ gaming company. Back in early 2000’s, popped a water-cooler discussion with Jakob Porser about developing a sandbox first person video game. A virtual world that helps you build your mansion and sadistically break others to earn points.

Early Career

There is even a Southpark episode on how adults find Minecraft a thought-less initiative and yet kids are addicted to it. But this initiative was raised on strong grounds of concrete planning by Notch and Jakob. They not only sustained this conversation through job switches but also till their companionship grew into an everlasting bond of friendship. This led to the rise of Mojang, the organization under the banner of Notch, to have developed Minecraft.

swedish video game programmer


Mojang started back in 2009 with the intention of presenting Minecraft from an established organization to the gaming board of the country. The demo released in 2009 and took the board by storm. This led to the development of the full version which was not just loved by ‘Dos’ era kids but also the Apple generation.

Majong operates from a cosy wooden-cabin themed office in Sweden. They have around 50 employees who enjoy the luxury of ‘Do your shit’ Fridays, wherein they can use office resources to play video games or relax by gambling on the slot, roll some balls in a pinball machine or a pool table and lastly watch a movie in a huge cinema room. This culture says a lot about the founders i.e. Notch and Jakob.

made minecraft a cult hit

Notch is a party animal, he not only enjoys the companies of celebrities despite his geeky profession but is also well-known to have hosted one of the biggest musical parties in the industry. His musical taste lingers in electronic dance which can well be witnessed when he calls arena performers like Avicii and Deadmau5 for his parties. 

Appearing quite a serial killer with his bald head and devil smile, Notch is pleasant company to thrive through the evening. He is warm and down to earth, at the same time, going by his very nerdy nature, he is also self-absorbed. With the loud music and the models at his parties he can still sit by the pool, holding his beer and coding for the next game in the line.       

released  xbox 360 edition of minecraft in 2012

The thrill of owning Minecraft did not last long for Notch. The Majong board decided to sell it to Microsoft for $2.5bn, leaving Notch a 5 bedroom and 15 baths mansion in the heart of Beverly Hills. Today, Majong continues to develop games like Scrolls and 0x10c leaving the world expecting for more from Mr.Top Notch.


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