Peter Dutton Story

Peter Dutton Story

Peter Craig Dutton

Peter Craig Dutton is an Australian politician and a liberal member of the Australian House of Representatives since November 2001, in the Division of Dickson, Queensland. He also enjoyed the post of Minister of Health and Minister for Sport from 18 September 2013, Minister of Immigration, and Border Protection from December 2014, in the Abbot government. Dutton was successful in retaining his portfolio in the Turnbull government.


Early life

Dutton was born on 18 November 1970 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, to Bruce Dutton and Ailsa Leitch. He received his education at the Queensland Police Academy before he became a Queensland Police Officer, for nine years, when he worked in the Drug Squad, in the early 1990s. However, it was not until 2001, when he got his calling. This was when his political career began by him winning the 2001 elections on behalf of the Division of Dickson.



His political career began with his winning the 2001 election for the Division of Dickson. Then in 2004, he became the Minister for Workforce Participation, holding the position until 2006. In 2007, once again, he won the Dickson Federal elections. In 2009, however, rival candidate Karen Andrews defeated him, even after him seeking endorsement for his position from eminent personalities like former Prime Minister John Howard. This was when Dutton opted to re-contest the Dickson Federal elections, and won them in 2010 to be appointed the Shadow Minister for health and ageing.


Once again, in 2013, Dutton won the elections to be appointed as Minister of health and sport by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. However, he was voted the worst health minister in 35 years in a poll conducted by the Australian Doctor magazine and that was when he was given the position of Minister of Immigration and Border Protection, on 23 December 2014, in a cabinet reshuffle. Dutton was involved in many controversies and even had to apologize to people after one such controversy.



The heights in Dutton’s career came when he received education at the Queensland Police Academy and became a Queensland Police Officer. After leaving the police cadre, he took up a course in business from the Queensland University of Technology. However, he did not receive his calling until he entered the political field. As a politician, he won elections for the Division of Dickson in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 when he held several prominent positions like the Minister of Workforce Participation, Shadow Minister of Health and Ageing, Minister of Health, Minister of Sport, Minister of Immigration and Border Protection.

Personal life


Peter Dutton was born on 18 November 1970, to Bruce Dutton and Ailsa Leitch. He married Kirilly and bore three children, Rebecca, Harry and Tom.

Awards and achievements

Peter Dutton received a certificate of participation from the Salvation Army, South Queensland Division for his contribution to the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal 2010. As Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Dutton was responsible for the refurbishment of the Sunshine Coast Airport, which would enhance the ability of the airport to handle international traffic.


Peter Dutton Speech

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Peter Craig Dutton
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18th-Nov -1970
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Queensland University of Technology
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