Famous Politicians

A politician is a person who participates in which manner the country is run. That individual is a member of a political party or a group which shares a similar view or goal. Politicians are elected through voting, which generally happens in a democratic country, in other cases a leader appoints a politician to run or manage a country. The political system of a country is responsible for the overview of whether a country is good to live or not. Some countries are good to live in due to the quality of services offered there like education or healthcare, whereas certain countries due to corruption and other negligent system do not work properly. It all depends on a how that selected politician works.Some of the noted politicians are listed below :

In general, a politician is responsible for managing and running the country in a systematic manner where standard of living should be good and services like healthcare, education, technology, etc. A Politician is a public official who has a primary role to create laws and propose them which are related to the interests of the general public. A Politician must be concerned with aspects such as economics, trade, religious views, moral values of the general public who has selected them and also the security of his society in case of emergencies. In short a Politician is focused primarily on the needs and values of the people who have selected him and have put in office for fulfilling their wants and governing the country in a good manner.