Garrett Camp SuccessStory

Garrett Camp SuccessStory

Garrett M. Camp

Garrett Camp is a Canadian based businessman who is best known to be the co-founder of StumbleUpon, a platform for online discovery. He is the chairman for StumbleUpon, as well as for Uber, a mobile application for car service. In 2013, he created Expa, an innovative platform for future companies. Camp’s net worth is currently estimated at US $ 5.3 billion, and he has been awarded several honors at a young age. Camp started his innovation while still at graduate school, and he constantly comes up with new products and concepts.

Career Graph

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Garrett Camp co-founded StumbleUpon in 2002 while he was still in graduate school. The platform quickly gathered more than 25 million registered users, and received its first funding in 2006 from Silicon Valley Angels. In 2007, eBay acquired StumbleUpon for $75 million, and spun out in 2009 to become an independent enterprise. Garrett has grew it to over 100 employees, and then stepped down in 2012 to concentrate on further ventures.

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In 2009, he founded Uber, an on-demand car service that can be availed with a mobile app. San Francisco got its Uber in 2010, with only a few cars available for service. In 2012, he launched Uber X and Uber SUV, which helped customers to have more vehicle choices at affordable rates. Forbes listed Uber as one of the Top 10 companies in 2012, and Fast Company ranked it at number 6 under Most innovative companies of 2013. A present, Uber is present in San Francisco, and is rapidly growing in US and 35 other countries as well.

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In 2013, Garrett formed Expa, a startup studio that works with innovative founders in the development and launching of new products. Expa had helped many new companies to increase their chances of success, and has also funded designing and development of many new companies. In addition to these, Garrett is also involved in investing and advising for several new startup companies, including Prism Skylabs, SoundTracking, WillCall, PS Dept, Behance etc.

Accomplishments and Honors

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At the Emerging Technologies Conference of MIT by Technology Review in 2007, Garrett was named among the world’s top innovators below 35 years of age. In 2008, Bloomberg Businessweek named him as one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs in the technology industry. In 2013, he was honored for his accomplishments in Uber and StumbleUpon at Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards 2013.

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Garrett frequently speaks at conferences, including the Wireless Influencers & SXSW, and served as a panel member and judge at DEMO Mobile at San Francisco in 2013. Most reputed trade magazines, publications and newspapers have interviewed him, including Huffington post, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, PRWeek and BBC News. He has also featured on a live radio show of Monode’s Entrepreneurs.


Tribeca Disruptive Innovation
Tech’s Best Young Entrepreneur By Bloomberg Businessweek

Garrett Camp Talks StumbleUpon's Expansion

Full Name :
Garrett M. Camp
Born :
4th-Oct -1978
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Education :
University of Calgary
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$ 5.3 Billion

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