Henry Success Story

Henry Success Story

Henry Martyn Leland


Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.Henry M. Leland, born Feb 16th, 1843, the founder of Cadillac was the sole person who took precision engineering into automobile manufacturing. It was an expensive process, but it was a money and time saving process in the long run. According to Leland, this was the only correct method.

Early Career

Henry Martyn Leland was an inventor, machinist, engineer and automotive entrepreneur. He was the founder of the luxury automotive marques, Lincoln and Cadillac.As a teenager, Henry worked in the firearms industry. The experience in metrology and tool making took him to the heights in the 19th century. He is also the inventor of electric barber clippers and also produced a unique toy train.

Leland was the country’s most underrated automaker at one time. He focused on precision manufacturing that took the American automobiles to a global market.The early work of Leland as a machinist brought him to the idea of precision manufacturing. He also used to make guns during the Civil War.

After some time, he found work at the Rhode Island Company that made micrometers and machine tools.Leland was restless with dreams to work on his own and start his own factory. To make his dream true, he went to Chicago. The day he arrived was a notorious day for Chicago. As a result, he packed his bags and left.


After this, Leland decided to settle in Detroit. Later, he founded a firm to make gears, gasoline engines and machine tools. It was a great success at that time.Leland’s high quality products made the customer base grow in number. As a result of this success, he reorganized the company and renamed it as the Cadillac Motor Company. He was the first President of the company.

By the year 1905, Leland was the leading car makers in the world.Cadillac was known for its innovations. They were also known for their quality products. Leland knew that building components manually is a tedious task and thus lacked the precision of mass produced parts.

Leland got a chance to prove himself in the year 1908. England's Royal Automobile Club challenged the automakers and took the three Cadillacs, who took part in the competition at England. The Cadillacs were disassembled and then reassembled. And as the result of the performance and strength, Cadillac became the first company in the United States to win the Dewar Trophy.

"I see no business in life but the work of Christ." - Henry Martyn Leland

In 1917, Leland wanted to produce airplane engines, but on the refusal from Durant, the General Motors President, he left the company. But he received yet another achievement of his life in the year 1973.Leland formed a new company and named it as Leland. He remains a little known automaker. He proved his experience in tool casting into luxury manufacturing of automobiles.

Leland had always attracted the customers due to the quality of work they provide. Many companies still find Leland as one of the most trustworthy companies all across the world.