Famous People Born in 1978

According to Chinese astrology, 1978 is the year of the horse and people whose birth falls in this year are seen to possess the personality traits similar to this animal. As a result, these people are full of energy and vitality. Being in crowds is what they love, which is the reason why they enjoy being part of social gatherings such as parties, meetings, concerts and sporting events. Here are some famous people born in the year 1978:

They have an excellent sense of humor and this makes them capable of drawing the crowds. One of the best qualities of these individuals is their positive attitude, which brings them success in almost everything they take up.

People born in 1978 can be seen as cunning individuals rather than intelligent ones and self confidence is the quality they lack on. Moreover, they can be a little self-centered, though this in no way implies that they are not bothered about the problems of other people. These people are blessed with excellent communications skills and also have leadership qualities. Being extroverts in nature, they excel in careers that require them to be interactive, such as those of journalists, performers, translators, tour operators and publicists.

Being easy going in nature, the 1978 born people are good at building relationships as it is easy to get along with them. They possess the quality of making others comfortable and also guessing what others have in mind, without even having them say it. This makes them good friends as well as partners.