Famous People Born in October

The influence of the birth month on the personality of a person is an established fact. There are actually personality traits common to all the people born in a particular month. People born in the month of October have innate charm in their personality, along with being beautiful from within. They are diplomatic in nature and have the inborn motivation to reach the heights of success in their field. Kindness is another trait of their personality but they are very firm at the same time, which makes them a unique mix of qualities. Here are some of the famous people born in the month of October:

October born people are easy to be with and have a disposition to charm just anyone. They have the ability to befriend people wherever they go. The most suitable occupations for these individuals are in the fields of real estate, interior design, food industry and stock market. They are pure romantics, with the ability to charm the opposite sex with their natural charisma and poise. The people born in the month of October prefer peace to war and tend to be on the calmer side. 

Another personality trait of October born people is their optimism, which gives them the motivation to chase their goals till they are able to reach them. They are decisive and stick to their tasks until they achieve what they have set their eyes on. Hospitality and politeness comes naturally to them and they can make others comfortable in their presence.