Andrey Guryev Success Story

Andrey Guryev Success Story

Andrey Grigoryevich Guryev

Andrei Grigoryevich Guriev is a Russian politician, businessman and the former head of PhosAgro, one of the largest phosphate-based fertilizer manufacturers in the world.

Early Life

Guriev was born in1960 in Lobnya, a small town outside Moscow. He attended the State Central Institute of Physical Culture. He was born and brought up in the erstwhile Soviet Union and he was actively engaged in politics in his youth.

He was a member of the Communist Party and later served as a committee leader. With the fall of the USSR that led to the shift away from Communism in the 1990’s, Guriev focused his attention on the newly introduced private economy.

Political Career

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In the period preceding the fall of the Russian Communist regime, Guriev was an active member of the Communist Party and also served as a committee leader. A native of the Murmansk region, he served as a representative on the Federation Council, the upper house of the Russian Parliament. After the fall of Communism he resigned from politics to enter the newly established private entrepreneur and industrial sectors.

Entry into the Private Market

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Guriev was involved with PhosAgro while he was still engaged in politics; however it was only after he had left the public sector, after the collapse of Communism, in an attempt to steer clear of a potential clash of interest that he lavished his undivided attention on the market. PhosAgro is one of the largest phosphate-based fertilizer producers in Russia as well as one of the leading suppliers of industrial strength fertilizers in the international market.

He had begun as a minority investor in the company, driven by the aspiration and strategies to be successful he was always on the lookout for the perfect opportunity. He patiently acquired more and more shares of the company till he was a majority shareholder. In the process he formed a close friendship with the renowned Russian billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky and created an alliance with the influential Menatop Group.

Leadership at PhosAgro

phosagro ceo andrey guryev and board of directors member ivan rodionov

Under Guriev’s deft leadership PhosAgro had been successful in expanding its operations into further sectors of the fertilizer market. Guriev has been a key factor in PhosAgro’s expanding business in the recent years. He is the current Deputy Chairman of PhosAgro.

The company manufactures fertilizer, phosphates and feed phosphates, always in demand by the growing agriculture industry.

In the recent years PhosAgro purchased a 20% stake in Apatit. A company based in Murmansk that specializes in extracting apatite rock, an important source of raw materials.

phosagro ceo andrey guryev and board of directors chairman sven ombudstvedt

Guriev has overseen the expansion into the Asian and European fertilizer markets. PhosAgro had a long relationship with India, which has recently been soured by the drop in the price of fertilizers. India is no longer as lucrative a destination for exports as it once was. Guriev plans to expand his business by exporting to Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and other Southeast Asian countries where the market seems promising for PhosAgro.

Achievements and Personal Life

Guriev is married to Evgenia and they have two children together. Andrei Guriev Jr. Is the CEO of PhosAgro and Julia Guriev is a lawyer at the prestigious Hogan Lovells in Moscow.

Andrei Guriev has a net worth of approximately $3.9 billion making him one the richest entrepreneurs in Russia. He is also the owner of the Witanhurst estate in Highgate, the second largest house in London after Buckingham Palace.

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Full Name :
Andrey Grigoryevich Guryev
Born :
24th-Mar -1960
Zodiac Sign :
Birth Place :
Education :
Russian State University of Physical Education,
Youth and Tourism Moscow
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$ 3.9 Billion

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