Famous People Born in 1960

According to Chinese astrology, the personality and behavioral attributes of people are studied in relation to the time of their birth, particularly their birth year. This astrological system relates each year with a particular animal and the persons born in that year are deemed to possess the personality traits similar to that animal. Here are some of the most famous people born in 1960:

1960 is seen as the year of the rat and just like this hard working animal, the individuals born in this year are very industrious and always focused on achieving their goals. They generally achieve considerable financial success in their endeavors and provide all the comforts for their families.

People born in the year 1960 possess excellent organizational skills as well as have high energy levels, which make them good workers. These people are incessantly busy and hate to be idle. They make good careers in the fields of business and politics. Also, it is seen that they make the best of opportunities and even have the capability to use others to get their work done. The negative side of their personality lies in their pursuit of perfectionism, which can sometimes make them tough to work with.

From the relationships point of view, the 1960 born individuals make loyal friends and loving partners. They believe in honesty when it comes to relationships and seldom do they betray the faith of those associated with them. They also enjoy a good deal of popularity in social gatherings as they are blessed with a quick wit and have the ability to churn out interesting gossips.