Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and people can be still seen being undecided about the kind of gift to give their mothers on this extra-special day.

Celebrated around the world on the second Sunday of May every year, this day is in celebration for the spirit of unconditional love, dedication and maternal magic that is motherhood. Are you one of those people who always have problems selecting gifts, or are you the ever-creative type who has simply run out of ideas this year. Fear not, we present you some of the most useful and creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

1. Vintage Teacup Soy Candles


This is one of the easiest to make, yet useful and elegant gifts that a mother would love to have around the house. You can find an old stand-alone cup in the attic/basement or even at the nearest thrift store. Pour in some soy wax for smokeless flame; add a wax wick and you have your very own beautiful and intricate teacup soy candle for your mom.

Heartstring Wall Art

wall art 1

One of the easier gifts to make on your own, but it does not means it is in any way less pretty than the one bought in the gift stores. All you need is a piece of hard cardboard, some colored paper, yarn wool (choose your own color) and some pins and you are ready to tug at your mother’s heart strings with a beautiful piece-of-art hanging on her house wall.

Spice Jar Organizer

jar 1

The kitchen shelves and storage cabinets at somebody else’s house can be a maze and incomparably confusing for most people. To help solve this problem at your mom’s house why not give her a set of labeled spice jars for ease and convenience? All you need are sets of spice jars and a permanent marker.

Personalized Painted Coffee Mug


Coffee mugs might seem a mundane gift idea but add a twist of personalization to it and it becomes a truly unique and useful gift as well. All you require is a strong and plain coffee mug and paint. Let your inner artist let loose with all that you wish to express your love and affection using the coffee mug as your personal tribute to your mother’s love.

Fork Bracelet

fork 1

Ever wanted to give your mom something funky and unique? Is your mom a big fan of junk jewelry? Then a fork bracelet might be just the gift to give your mom. Using any old fork (metal) you can use a little strength to bend it into intricate bracelet shapes. These are unique to look at and fun to wear also.

Chalkboard Wine Bottle Vase

bottle 1

This is a new and innovative gift idea and is ideal to gift your mom. All you need is an old wine bottle, some chalkboard pain and chalks. Cover the wine bottle with the chalkboard pain and wait for it to dry completely. Now use the wine bottle as your personal message board for your mom by writing messages or simply expressing your feelings on it with chalk. Add a few blooms to it and your very own chalkboard wine bottle vase is ready to be wrapped.

These are only a few of the large number of creative ideas that abound for gifts to give your mother on this Mother’s Day. It is important to gift your mother with something beautiful and strong, just like her, but it is even more important to remember that the gift of time always beats every other materialistic thing when it comes to your mother’s choice.