Most Luxurious Microsculpture Watches

Most Luxurious Microsculpture Watches

 Most Luxurious Microsculpture Watches

Time pieces have come a long way from just used for time to masterpieces of treasure. Most technologically advanced pieces have intricate designs and use of gold and diamonds which makes them eternal, sparkling and everlasting.   

1. Alexander the Great Watch - $631,580

alexander the great watch

Showcasing a battle between ancient Greece’s most magnificent king and his enemies, the watch has solid gold figures dressed in precise costume and in shown in battle positions against a dramatic black backdrop. Not just this, clicking the minute repeater also makes the figures move adding more action to the battle.

2. Cartier’s Panther Granulation Watch - $260,000


With excellent detailing, this watch is a masterpiece when it comes to small scale figures. The watch is decorated with Old English letters and shows King Arthur and his golden knights holding their swords at the point of each hour.

4. Patek Phillipe – Matryoshka Doll Watch - $152,500

patek phillipe  matryoshka doll watch

This beautiful pocket watch displays three Matryoshka dolls and the entire tableau is made of transparent, opague and opalescent enamel. It is a piece to be collected and also comes with a gold and marble display stand.

5. Cartier’s Les Indomptables Crocodile - $150,000

cartiers les indomptables crocodile

6. Pont des Amoureux Watch by Van Cleef & Arpel - $116,000

pont des

7. Masque Watch by Vacheron - $400,000


8. Cartier’s Promenade Dune Panther - $92,000

 cartiers promenade dune panther

9. Boucheron’s Crazy Jungle Hathi Watch - $90,000

boucherons crazy jungle hathi watch

10. Chopard - $24,290


These collectibles will definitely envy your onlookers. Treasure one of these timeless pieces of beauty and craft to feel special all your life.