9 Weird Food Habits of Celebrities

9 Weird Food Habits of Celebrities

9 Weird Food Habits of Celebrities

Eating habits vary from person to person, region to region and there are also cultural variations. Most often you find it difficult to adapt to new food in a foreign nation or even a different region in your country. Celebrities have more purchasing power and are exposed to more variety of food in their lives but most often, you will be amazed by the kind of weird diets they follow, sometimes not eating at all or subsisting on green tea and fruits.

You will be amused to know about the weirdest diets followed by celebrities. Here are nine of them.

1. Warren Buffet and Coke

warren buffett food habits

The legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffet has the habit of drinking six cokes a day along with Utz Potato stix and keeps himself healthy in his mid-80’s. He consumes 2700 calories a day and a quarter of it is Coke. His company Berkshire Hathway has invested in Coke and he has justified it saying that there was no reason to believe that it has adverse health effects. Eating broccoli and water may not have made my health any better.

2. Lyoto Machida and Urine

lyoto machida weird habit

Brazilian martial arts star and former UFC Light Heavy weight champion believes drinking urine can boost immunity. He gained this knowledge from his father. But it is not advised in large quantities.

3. Mariah Carey and Purple Diet

mariah carey food habit

Renowned singer and musician Mariah Carey takes a purple diet three days a week to keep her weight under control. She did this for the first time after the birth of her children to shed weight. Her purple diet consists of plums, grapes and eggplants. Many say this isn’t nutritious enough to sustain a mother and a career woman but it works well for Mariah.

4. Hugh Hefner and Lamb Chops

hugh hefner weird habit

The 89 year old media mogul has some strange eating habits. He eats only the food prepared at Playboy Mansion even when he goes to a restaurant. His daily diet consists of lamb chops, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and a bowl of Lipton chicken noodle soup. He eats breakfast only at 11.30 am and lunch at 5 pm.

5. Angelina Jolie and Her Family Taste for Bugs

angelina jolie family food habits

Leading Actress Angelina Jolie seems to have acquired some exotic culinary traits while travelling across the world. Instead of snacking with beef or pork, she says her family loves bugs. Her children love snacks made from fried crickets and enjoy them like Doritos.

6. Megan Fox and Vinegar

megan fox food habit

The American actress and model Megan Fox begins the day with Apple Cedar Vinegar which is good for removing the toxins from the body and boosting metabolic rate. Despite the torture of gulping the liquid down, many may attribute her unique body shape to this daily weird habit.

7. Stephen King and Cheesecakes

stephen king food habits

The best-selling legendary author Stephen King eats a cheesecake before he starts working on his type writer. Although not considered a healthy diet to follow, he manages to remain trim and healthy.

8. Renee Zellweger and Ice Cubes

renee zellweger food habit

The award winning acclaimed actress due to compulsions of her career, had to eat junk food to put on weight as the roles demanded it. Later on she found a way to shed weight by eating ice cubes. However, they have no nutritional value nor could they help shed weight. Health professionals wouldn’t that recommend anyway.

9. Steve Jobs and Carrots

steve jobs food habit

Steve Jobs believed carrots made him energetic and eliminated odor from the body, thus he could skip bathing. Perhaps, that helped his skin turn a bit orange!

Celebrities may have their own reasons and sometimes superstitions to guide them to eat their peculiar diets, but don’t follow them blindly no matter how much you are fascinated by them.