6 Ways to Get Re-Inspired

6 Ways to Get Re-Inspired

6 Ways to Get Re-Inspired

Lights. Camera. Action! We can go through periods when we feel in the flow and ready for our close up. Everything we do moves us closer to our goal and the universe seems to move obstacles out of our way. And then one morning we wake up and realize it’s gone… the magic must have snuck out the window overnight, and nothing we do brings it back.

When our inspiration has deserted us in our time of need, here are six ways to invite it back.

1. Know what moves your heart


Whose words inspire you? What music wakes you up? What images or activities remind you what you’re capable of? Write a quote across your mirror. Make a new playlist. Get out into nature and find a waterfall you’ve never visited.  Know what you find most inspiring and shower yourself with it. 

2. What would your Most Inspiring Person do?

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Who is the most inspiring person (MIP) in your life? Think about how they would approach a lull in their own energy. Would they meditate or pray? Would your MIP rest or gather their resources?  Put yourself into their shoes for a moment and imagine how they would talk to themselves if they were going through what you’re facing. Speak to yourself with their voice.

3. Find Support


Enlist trusted friends and colleagues to share what inspires them. Support each other by sending daily reminders and encouragement via texts or emails. We all lose our inspiration sometimes, and it’s powerful to know we’re not alone.

4. Cultivate Resilience

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Gain Confidence From Your Failure

Remember that you only have to get up one more time than you fall down.  And sometimes when you fall down, you need to lay there and rest a while. Give yourself permission to lie fallow. We need fallow periods in order to make room for new things to grow. Know that you’ll grow again when you’re ready.

5. Tend your Garden

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Style Yourself Out of a Fitness Slump

Your garden in this case is your body. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, food, and exercise so that your body and mind are receptive to being inspired.  The most inspiring vision in the world means nothing if we’re too exhausted to appreciate it.

6. Go Big

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Signs That You’ve Made It Big

Make your goals about more than yourself and your immediate circle. Take in the global view. How does your goal make the world a better place, reduce suffering and harm all over the planet, and connect people to their own hearts and each other? Let yourself feel how much your goals matter and see if inspiration starts knocking once again at your door.