6 Steps To Lasting Happiness

6 Steps To Lasting Happiness

6 Steps To Lasting Happiness

You might have heard the story of a fisherman who led a happy life catching fishes, spending time with wife and kids, and celebrating the evening with music and laughter with friends. A rich businessman tried to make him ambitious by telling him to spend more time in the sea and grow his business. If the fisherman had more vessels, he could catch more and earn more money to expand. After making huge money, he could lead a leisurely life catching a few fishes and spending time with family.

Ironically, the fisherman was enjoying life without going through the effort or hardships suggested by the businessman. It goes on to prove that happiness lies within yourself and it may have nothing to do with your riches or wealth. Every day, you wake up fresh in the morning but towards the end of the day, different encounters or experiences make you unhappy.

Here are six ways to find lasting happiness

1. Do Things You Like

do the things you like

Whether it is a job, hobby or activity, try to do things that you like and are passionate about. It could be painting, music, driving a cab, reading a book, going for a music concert and so on. Don’t opt for a job or vocation because it is held in high esteem or is high paying, if it doesn’t interest you, you will not be happy irrespective of the money you make.

2. Be Grateful for Whatever You Have

be grateful

Most often you worry about things you couldn’t get or something you couldn’t achieve. It could be a bigger car, bigger house, better clothes, entertainment, and luxury. However, there is no limit to human wants and comparatively, you may be worse off than many people. But look around, there are many people less fortunate than you.

3. Help Others in Need

help others in need

When you reach out to people who are in need of money, your help, clothes or medicines, you are making the lives of others happier and also yours. Surveys have found that people who donate for charity and help others, achieve more happiness in their lives.

4. Cultivate Good Relationships

cultivate good relationships

You feel happy when you have a good friends circle and cultivate good relationships at work, neighborhood, family and in organizations. When you have more people to share your thoughts, ideas, problems and issues you face in daily life, you feel better.

5. Try to Gain Experiences rather than Material Wealth

gain experience than wealth

Buying more comforts in life does bring happiness but it may not be lasting. The charm of a new car, air conditioner, television, furniture and appliances can wither away too soon. However, going for a leisure trip, adventure, trekking, picnics, theme parks, cinemas can give you more enjoyment and leisure which last for a life time.

6. Accept the Good and the Bad Experiences

accept experiences

Most often you are worried about the loss of a dear one, wealth, an unexpected disease or illness that strikes you. Or it could be an unexpected loss in business or job. It’s quite natural to feel disheartened and think why it happens to you while others are unaffected. Like the waves of the sea, life goes upward and downward.

Life is a bed of roses but you encounter thorns on the way. You tend to be unhappy because everyday, you want something eventful to happen. When you start on a journey, the destination is important but equally important are the miles covered. In the life journey, you may set goals and objectives, but remember to enjoy the journey towards achieving it.