Secrets of Successful Introverts

Secrets of Successful Introverts

Secrets of Successful Introverts

Traditionally, entrepreneurs are believed to have good organisational and managerial skills to successfully run a business with considerable initiative and risk. It's the extroverts who grab the limelight as they are the ones who gets noticed more often.

Mostly success is attributed to the bold and outgoing. In reality, the number of successful introverts exceeds the number of successful extroverts. Certain inherent strengths make introverts highly successful in their ventures, quite contrary to the popular belief that they are reclusive and shy.

1. Self Awareness

self awareness

Most introverts like to be taken seriously. They are very conscious of how others perceive them and hence they are always very particular about how they portray themselves in front of others. They are highly cautious about embarrassing others or themselves by taking part in activities in which they lack confidence.

2. Doing One Thing Well

doing one thing well

Introverts are highly focused on what they do. They do not go for variety, instead, they focus on achieving one goal at a time. They do not move from one initiative to another quickly, unlike extroverts. They do not execute any plan without deliberate caution.

3. Highly Creative

highly creative

Introverts are more introspective than extroverts which make them highly experienced thinkers. Hence they tend to be very creative. Author J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter series is known to be an introvert.

4. Good Listener

good at listening

One of the most important social skills one could acquire is to be a good listener. Introvert entrepreneurs are good listeners. They pay heed to even minute details of information they receive, think critically and arrive at the best solution possible. An introvert is more sensitive towards the needs of his clients, employees and customers, thereby, their issues are more likely to be heard and addressed.

5. Humility


Great leaders are humble enough to admit when they err. When you accept your mistakes, it helps to view things from another person's perspective. Introverts are not self-seeking and egotistic. They are more interested in empowering others and are always in pursuit of a greater purpose, which is the success of the organisation.

6. Solitude


Solitude or time alone helps to think creatively and originally. Introverts are comfortable being alone and they use their time alone to recharge and organise their thoughts and plans much better.

Other characteristics that make introverts successful entrepreneurs, according to Huffington Post’s article, include “intellectual persistence, prudent thinking, and the ability to see and act on warning signs.”