4 Habits That Create Confidence

4 Habits That Create Confidence

 4 Habits That Create Confidence

Confidence isn’t something everyone just naturally has. It comes easier to some people than others but in general, it’s something you have to work for and build upon over time. Creating confidence is difficult because it can feel like you’re starting scratch. It almost feels like you need confidence to build confidence.

Often, the more you focus on trying to become confident, the less confident you get. When working on building confidence you need to take a step back and shift your focus to finding important life skills and habits that create confidence for you. Instead of just trying to tell yourself to be confident, build up habits in your life that organically create confidence in you.

Focus on the development and discipline that goes into these habits and with time, natural confidence will come. This isn’t fabricated confidence, this isn’t “fake it ‘til you make it,” confidence. This is the real stuff. Here are 4 habits you can implement into your life that create authentic confidence:

1. Try New Things Often

Be intentional about exposing yourself to new things regularly you will condition yourself to be more adventurous and brave. Set a goal to try something new daily. Don’t let it overwhelm you, it can be big or small, just push yourself to do anything different from your norm.


From trying a new exercise class to attempting to brush your teeth with the opposite hand, you’re not allowing yourself to fall into too much of a comfort zone and building confidence in your ability to tackle unexpected and unusual things.

2. Work on Your Body Language

Many people don’t understand the importance of improving their body language or intentionally using body language to communicate effectively.

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It’s a bigger deal than most people think because body language often dictates how people feel about you at first meeting or even how much they trust you. Finding ways to intentionally use your body language to help you communicate will give you a better understanding of yourself and others. It also boosts your confidence in your ability to communicate meaningfully and naturally with people.

3. Wear Your Confidence

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It’s not about looks, it’s all about how you feel. Putting time into your appearance so you feel great will translate into how you act and even affect your confidence. Working on only wearing things that make you feel good about your appearance is actually an easy way to boost your confidence immediately. In a

4. Quit Comparing

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “comparison is the thief of joy.” Well, comparison is a thief of confidence as well. Comparison is nearly useless because it often makes you feel inadequate rather than inspired. Get into the habit of avoiding comparing cars with your neighbor or vacations with your coworkers.


You are the author of your life and all comparisons like this will do for you is make you feel insignificant and insecure. Confident people avoid comparison at all cost and focus on where they are going instead of where other people are. Instead of solely focusing on building confidence, focus on building these habits that will not only help you build confidence but also help you in almost all areas of your life.

There are many ways you can use habit building to sharpen your confidence and skills simultaneously. Confidence is the result of a lot of different factors and producing authentic confidence comes from real life improvements.