15 Science Backed Techniques to Show Confidence Through Body Language

15 Science Backed Techniques to Show Confidence Through Body Language

15 Science Backed Techniques to Show Confidence Through Body Language

Confidence is not an external factor, because when you have it, you don’t need to hide it beneath layers. It is expressed and can be worked upon through building up right body language. The common things like how one is sitting or how are they standing, how do they read or how do they eat forms a base for an opinion.

This is why we are bringing to you these 15 ways which have been scientifically proven to radiate confidence just through body language.

1. Stay Out of your Pockets!

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No matter where you are or what you are doing, first of all, put your hands out of your pockets. You can keep your hands on your waist, hips or leave it out in front because that way you symbolize that you have nothing to hide.

2. Stop Being in a Vibration Mode

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Fidgeting is a thing that you should avoid because it is a clear sign of nervousness. Your gesticulation and hand should be under control expressing calm and poised nature.

3. Stand Straight with your Shoulder Rested

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The best way to build up your confidence is to have a correct posture. All the body language classes discreetly put emphasis on standing straight as the first indirect method to bring confidence.

4. No Loose Handshakes

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Handshakes are just not a good way to meet someone, but they are also a way to know someone’s confidence. Sweaty palms and loose handshakes are a big no, no matter whoever you are meeting.

5 Walking with Wide Steps

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Any person who aspires is confident and believes in himself will never have a creepy or sneaky outlook. Wide steps depict personal tranquility and show that you are purposeful towards life.

6. Eyes Often do the Wonders

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I just have to say two things for it, “Eyes forward and chin up". A probable reason why this was the first lesson given to any prince or princess.

7. Don’t Cross your Arms While you are Socializing

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Crossing your arms is an intimidating look, whereas your task is simply to put yourself as an open and confident person. This often gives the look that you are preventing yourself from any kind of interaction.

8. Using Contact as a Form of Appreciation isn’t a Lost Art

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Patting your colleague on his success or during a presentation not only helps them regain their confidence, but it also shows your enthusiasm, friendly nature, and affection.

9. Smile Because it is always Effective

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Do we really need to discuss how effective your smile can be?

10. Looks, Because they Matter

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When you are dressed for the occasion, you instantly get a feeling of confidence. Properly groomed hairs, right cologne, clear face, clean dress and things like these are the easiest way to communicate confidence through body language.

11. Use of the Engaged Body Language

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This method is specifically used to build a proper confident aura. Using open gestures, nodding and smiling, mirroring the gestures and movements of other people are often said to be the rules to be confident.

12. Use of Power Poses

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These power poses are said to instigate low self esteem towards a healthy and strong relationship. They help in opening your body and taking space which slowly brings your confidence.

13. Take a Proper Sleep

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This is an indirect method to show confidence, but it helps to bring glow and radiance of your face and helps to keep you fresh.

14. Speak up

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It is as simple as it gets. Speaking up your opinions and wants gives you a chance to build a platform for yourself that puts a show of your confidence.

15. Slow it Down

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Not asking to take a walk of turtle, but slowing things down like walking and speaking shows that you are confident and contemplative.

So, it is really not that difficult to build a habit which can get you some extra credits for your actions. An improved body language boosts up your confidence because you know that you have a control over your actions and you receive your positive feedbacks over your actions.