Positive Affirmations For an Ex-sportsperson

Positive Affirmations For an Ex-sportsperson

Positive Affirmations For an Ex-sportsperson

Affirmations or the process of repeating positive words can boost your spirit to new levels. We should translate our thoughts into words and ultimately into intention in order to manifest what we want in reality. Positive Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because they have an ability to rewire our brains and have the power to change lives.

Science also says that positive self-talk definitely brings about changes in the brain. Here are few affirmations for an ex-sportsperson.

1. Today I am Brimming with Energy and Overflowing With Joy

motivation 1

Joy starts from within and not outside. It also starts as soon as you wake up. So, you can make it a habit to repeat this to yourself every morning.

2. I Love and Accept Myself For who I am

motivation 2

 Self love is the purest and highest form of love. If you start loving yourself, you automatically start respecting and appreciating yourself. If you have confidence and pride in whatever you are doing, you will begin to see yourself in a new light and be encouraged and inspired to do bigger and better things.

3. My Body is Healthy, My Soul is Tranquil, my Mind is Brilliant

motivation 3

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind and soul. If suffer from negative emotions, the others will be affected. The number one cause of health or disease is you. You can remove all permission that you have given consciously, subconsciously to all the ills of the world because you are sharing that pain. You are conquering your illness and defeating it steadily each day.

4. I Believe I Can do Everything

motivation 4

You need this to say every day to yourself.  This is something that is important for you to stay encouraged. By saying this, you are able to do everything that you put your mind to.

5. My Ability to Conquer Challenges is Limitless; My Potential to Succeed is Infinite

motivation 5

You have no limits until those you place on yourself. What kind of life you want? What is stopping you? What barriers you are imposing on yourself? This affirmation will help you address all the boundaries.

6. Today, I abandon my Old Habits and Take up New, More Positive Ones

motivation 6

 Realize that any difficult time is only for a short period in life which will pass alongwith your old habits as you take up the new ones. You are a full adaptive being with creative energy which surges through you and leads you to new and brilliant ideas and the mindset that allows that energy to flow.

7. Everything That is Happening Now is Happening For My Ultimate Good

motivation 7

There are no victims; no accidents and no coincidents. They simply do not exist in reality as you and others will only attract what you and they are a part of.  Everything happens for a reason and in perfect synchronicity. You should be peaceful with all that has passed and present. You fears of tomorrow will simply melt away.

8. I can Achieve Greatness

motivation 8

One of the most influential ones is to tell yourself daily that you can achieve all the greatness in your life. Focus on your visions and dreams and then attach emotion to the vision. By telling this to yourself and by believing that you can achieve greatness, it will ultimately turn into reality.

So, here were a few positive affirmations for ex-sportsperson and even common man to learn from daily life. If followed, one can achieve greatness with a boost in their self-confidence.