5 Biggest Myths about Happiness

5 Biggest Myths about Happiness

5 Biggest Myths about Happiness

Happiness is one of the most loved emotions of humans. Most of us want to be happy. But we start to equate happiness with certain milestones, events, and emotions.

With time, several myths about happiness have clogged our thinking and have made us turn unhappy. Some of the common myths are:

1. Happiness will Come with the Right Job

happiness comes from job

Too many young people equate happiness with job these days. What happens is that they forget to enjoy their life to the fullest while waiting for the job. Because they don’t enjoy, they usually don’t get the job they’re looking for either, and keep finding flaws with everything. It is good to be focused with an idea of the correct job, but it is not what will bring happiness.

Happiness is about moments while job is an event. It comes with a happiness, but it is a job and not life.

2. Happiness will Come with the Right Relationship

happiness with right relation

Many of us put down our happiness to the right relationships and marriage. It is another fallacy because if we can’t be happy with ourselves, we can’t be happy with anyone else. Another reason is that if we’re too focussed on being in the relationship that our happiness depends on, we’ll be going away from ourselves and changing ourselves in the hope of impressing our partners.

3. Happiness will Come with the Babies

happiness with babies

Many of the marriages go through bad periods wherein their happiness is completely dried out. The spell of drought, instead of being handled maturely, is being left on making a baby. It is expected that a baby will bring the couple closer and happiness will eventually multiply. However, having a baby requires the couple to be close. If they’re not close, they can’t provide the right environment for the baby to grow.

They aren’t in the right condition to take care of the stressful and delicate moments of pregnancy and when the baby is really small.

4. Happiness Comes from Children’s Success

happiness with childrne success

Particularly in the old age, instead of focusing on unfulfilled dreams, parents often put their hopes of happiness on their children. While it is important to expect happiness of your children, it unduly puts pressure on children while also taking away happiness of their parents. Parents fail to enjoy everyday moments of laughter while focusing on the big moment wherein their child will bring them big news and happiness.

5. You Think You’re Past the Age of Happiness

you think past age of happiness

Into the 30s, single people tend to think they’re past the age of relationships and happiness. Married people with children start taking marriage as a responsibility and forget about the reasons one enjoys happiness. This is not the correct viewpoint. It also puts the children either into a serious mode or away from the family- whom they regard as serious.

Life is about living it to the fullest. You can’t pin your happiness down to reasons ; it is about moments and small successes, and laughing at those failures which make you a better person.