5 Secrets to Answering Rude and Personal Interview Questions

5 Secrets to Answering Rude and Personal Interview Questions

5 Secrets to Answering Rude and Personal Interview Questions

If going for a job interview, you should be mentally prepared and ready for anything as sometimes you can have a chance for a great conversation, whereas, sometimes you have to be prepared to face some hideously rude questions.

It’s unbelievable how some interviewers can be so rude.

1. Adamant

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One should be alert, and attentive while answering interview questions, as sometimes job seekers have to face rude and personal questions but this does not mean that you should not be ready to confront these types of questions. 

One alternative is to walk out of the interview as if there is a spring in your step, but if you want to stay, you need to answer them confidently, no matter what. Sometimes the interviewer wants to judge your level of patience or your tact to handle such type of questions. Be adamant because if you can breathe through the insulting interview, then you will have more options to go to a larger room.

2. Positive Outlook

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The most common question being asked these days is about your weakness but it doesn’t mean that you will not answer it or get nervous. The best possible ways to handle such questions is to tackle it by mentioning one of your drawbacks and tell them that you are working on it and have improved a lot or tell about the things you can do well or about your expertise.

3. Regarding Hiring

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Sometimes one has to face a question regarding your hiring where they can ask questions like why they should hire you. You should not take this question literally as it can turn out to be your chance to show your skill by answering it. You can simply handle it by saying that you have not met other candidates, so you cannot compare yourself with them but it seems that I am the right person for this job with a right employer like you. Both of us will have a healthy relation in the work front if given a chance.

4. Optimistic

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A very old fashioned question regarding future plans or where do you see yourself after 5 or 10 years is often asked during interviews. No one can guarantee about the term period of the job seeker though this question is rude but still you can answer it in a very light  mood by being optimistic, saying that you prefer to see yourself as a successful person, engaged in projects that excite you, and gives you satisfaction working with supportive and smart people.

5. General manner

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While answering personal questions, you have the power to guide the interview as it suits you. The ball is in your court so you can give general information rather than personal information regarding your qualification, work experience and a little bit of your family. Just give your answer in a general manner instead of taking it too personally and thinking it to be rude.

Sometimes the interviewers are badly trained so these impolite questions do not mean or prove that the organization for which you are giving an interview is not a great place. Many times, job seekers have a harsh experience of the interview, and often the recruiters themselves don’t know what they are hiring for and who will be their immediate boss.