5 Top Countries That Are Highly Successful

5 Top Countries That Are Highly Successful

5 Top Countries That Are Highly Successful

The world around has been mapped into different zones. It is now zoned into 3 main categories - developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. The developed countries are those, which have saturated markets and a comfortable living making the ideal places to stay.

On the other hand, the developing and the underdeveloped ones are those, who still have a long way to go. If you are living in a developed country, then you are the lucky one.

Here is our list of the five highly successful countries who make a mark of success on the globe:

1. United States of America

Rated as one of the most powerful nations in the world, United States of America has a number of assets and natural resources making it an ideal place to stay.


  • The country had a GDP of 16.8 trillion in the year 2013. In terms of the natural resources, USA has been blessed with a wide array of natural resources. Some of the resources found in abundance are water, oil, coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, phosphates, uranium, silver, tungsten, zinc, petroleum, bauxite, gold, iron, mercury, nickel, potash and natural gas.
  • Well-designed infrastructure and the state of the art facilities make USA a great place to stay.
  • The country has the longest length of railways, roadways and the largest number of airports and heliports, making it well connected.


  • United States is known for its stock markets and bond markets, which rule the world.
  • Despite constant reminders by Standard’s and Poor’s, the American Dollar value is still going strong.
  • Strong defence forces, robust intelligence and the nuclear power make this country a superior ruler in the world.
  • With more nuclear submarines, destroyer, cruisers and the largest arms exports adding up, US holds extra power. 
  • In addition, more than 396 of the world’s richest men reside in United States. Need we say more?

2. Germany

The country once known for Hitler and narcissism has seen a tremendous change in its image and stature. Germany is known as one of the developed countries and superpowers of the world, which have a strong effect on the global economy.


  • A GDP of 3.635 trillion USD in the year 2013 makes Germany a strong country to influence global operations.
  • Germany is known over the world for producing best cars, engineers and scientists.
  • It is the fourth largest economy. It is also the fifth largest in terms of purchasing power in the world.


  • Blessed with raw materials, the country is super rich with resources such as lignite and potash salt.
  • The country is the second largest exporter in the world in motor vehicles, chemicals, computer and electronic products, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, metals, transport equipment, food items, machinery, textiles, rubber and plastic products.

3. United Kingdom

One of the oldest economies of the world, United Kingdom has a GDP of 2.522 trillion USD in 2013. UK is rated as the six largest economies in the world in terms of nominal gross domestic product.


  • Great Britain is the eight largest in terms of purchasing power parity. UK is the second largest in the entire Europe next only to Germany. 
  • The country is an active global producer of chemicals, food, tobacco manufactured goods and beverages.


  • UK has a strong infrastructure, flaunting the first metro and railway started on its soil.
  • With more than 14 overseas countries under its control, nuclear power and strong economy, UK features as a superpower.

4. China

The second largest economy in the world, China has become one of the major players in the global arena.  The country is known for its industrial revolution, growing markets, technology, cheap and skilled labor.


  • The availability of abundant resources has helped the country to achieve economies of scale.
  • China is majorly involved in the export of equipments, apparel, textiles, electrical machinery, data processing, iron, steel, toys, optical and medical equipment.


  • The Chinese economy has been the largest exporter in the world in the year.
  • Unbelievably, more than 70% of the world’s toys are made in China.
  • The country is also the largest electricity producer, renewable energy producer, flaunts huge army base and has the largest forex reserves, giving it a stronger hold in the global economy.

5. Japan

Talk technology and talk Japan. The third largest economy in the world, Japan has a GPD of 4.902 trillion USD in the year 2013. Japan is the fourth largest country in terms of the purchasing parity.


  • The country has a major share in the global electronics goods industry.
  • It is the fourth largest exporter in the world, the main export items being semiconductors, iron, motor vehicles, auto parts, plastic materials, steel and power generating machinery etc. 

Talk technology and talk Japan