3 Easy Ways to be Confident Around People

3 Easy Ways to be Confident Around People

3 Easy Ways to be Confident Around People

Have you ever felt that everyone else around you is so smart and confident and chill, and you’re this fat little potato who doesn’t know how to socialise with people, or how to come off as a self-confident person? Have you ever felt a sort of fear, mingled with nervousness,from the very thought that you “probably aren’t good enough?” Have you ever felt unsure about your own capabilities and potentials?If you have felt any of the above, let me tell you, you’ve come to the right place.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’re going to not only feel confident about yourself but also realise that within you lies tremendous potential and power that you may not have explored yet. Here are a few easy ways, following which you can have a high self-esteem.

1. Take in Only Positive Vibes.

take only positive

First, always remember that you even if you are put into a new, demanding situation, the very thought of which frightens the hell out of you, you must always keep in mind that even if you do not feel confident, you must at least pretend to be confident. As the saying goes, “fake it until you make it”. If you know that you look like a confident, capable person, eventually you'll automatically start to feel it, too. Be conscious of how you carry yourself. Walk with a sense of purpose, even if you have none. When you look like a confident person on the outside, you'll be gradually become confident on the inside.

2. Go beyond Your Comfort Zone

beyond comfort zone

Meet more new people, talk to them, socialise. Straight up, confidence is more than just a state of mind -- it's a habit. So, in order to be confident, you've gotta do confident things. One of those is making conversation with strangers. It feels stupid at first, but with time you'll be more and more unfazed. Constantly step out of your comfort zone and feel free. Most importantly, smile, and the world smiles with you. You'd be surprised how even the smallest of smiles can make everyone around you feel more comfortable. Your smile actually shows you’re a warm, approachable person.

If you want others to approach you, make sure you're approachable. Know how to handle setbacks and failures. Remember, that there will be days when you feel diffident about yourself. Also remember that this is a very natural phenomenon. No matter how down you feel, try to pat yourself on the back a little and remember the things you are good at doing, the things that only you can do. Focusing on your better attributes will distract you from feeling low in self-esteem and will boost your morale greatly. Remember past accomplishments, and all your achievements.

be proud of yourself

Be proud of yourself. Initiate the process. Know that it is not a one-day affair, but a continuous process. There will be days when you feel like you're starting from square one. Take a deep breath, tap into that raw, passionate confidence that you were born with. It's there, it's just buried under years of exposure to praise, threats, and perceived judgments. 

Take Risks

take risks

Sometimes the only way out is the way through. In order to get good at life, you've gotta encounter experiences that force you to learn. You can't be awesome at it right off the bat. You gotta take chances to grow. Failure is inevitable. The only part that matters is whether or not you get back up. Everyone falls, but only the true winners get back up.

To sum it all up, “believe, and you’re already halfway there”.