Best Foods To Have Healthy Hair

Best Foods To Have Healthy Hair

Best Foods To Have Healthy Hair

Having beautiful healthy hair is the dream of almost everyone. A person's first impression is his personality and gorgeous hair is an important factor. Nowadays poeple are busy with their hectic schedules that taking optimum care of them is near to impossible now. Everybody just emphasises on the outer treatments for healthy hair by shampoos and conditioners but the part which will actually help you get the most alluring hair is the nutritious food.

It is the fastest as well as easiest way to own beautiful hair. "Eat healthy- Look Healthy". In accordance to a famous dietician from Chicago, Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, the hair of an average person grows nearly ¼ to ½ inches each month. For obtaining normal growth of hair, nails and skin, the material source is the nutrition the person intakes. Hence it is clear that if you eat healthy then the body will become healthy outside as well as inside both. The most effective food items in growing your hair beautiful and healthy are mentioned below with their benefits: 

1. Green Vegetables


Broccoli, spinach and Swiss chard are popularly recognised as salient resource of essential vitamins such as vitamin A and C. The body requires these vitamins for the production of sebum, which acts like a natural hair conditioner. Sebum is naturally produced oil by the hair follicle.

2. Salmon

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Supreme quality protein is obtained from Salmon as from it omega 3 can be accessed. For strengthening the scalp of your hair omega 3 is essential as this fish contains vitamin B12 and Fe.

3. Beans

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For lustrous beautiful hair intake of kidney beans will be one of the most optimum options for you as it does not only provides essential proteins to stimulate and escalate the growth of hair but also provides zinc, Fe and biotin. Specialists and dieticians suggest for consuming three cups of these beans per week.

4. Ground Nut

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Ground Nut is popularly known for providing effective source of selenium. Selenium is a type of mineral which is highly effective in the escalation of hair. The health of scalp is maintained from walnuts as they contain omega 3 and linoleum alpha acid which repair the unhealthy hair and acts as an optimum natural conditioner. Almond, pecans and cashew peanuts are effective in providing zinc.

5. Poultry meat

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Poultry meat is good source of protein for obtaining healthy hair. The stimulation of body is also provided from poultry meat such as turkey and chicken as they contain Fe.

6. Eggs

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Most optimum source of protein, vitamin b12 and biotin is eggs for alluring hair.

7. High Fiber Wheat

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High fiber wheat products like bread and cereal provides zinc, vitamin B and Fe to the body.

8. Oyster


Though it is known as aphrodisiac but it is essential for healthy hair. The most primal key to this is zinc which is supreme antioxidant.

9. Low Fat Milk Products


Yogurt and skim milk are popular low fat products which can improve the health of hair by providing high quality protein as they contain calcium and casein.

10. Carrot

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It is rich in vitamin A which repairs the eyesight as well as scalp of hair proving alluring lustrous hair to you.

According to the specialists of hair, by eating these healthy foods which provide nutrition, Fe and proteins, a person can gain alluring hair. It is always suggested by specialists that the people should avoid the use of supplements and other products which claim to offer healthy hair, as those will initially harm you from inside and will even have numerous side effects.